Who is the person that chooses what fighting games characters say?

What’s the name of that job?

“Person in charge of choosing what characters say”

now that we got that joke out of the way…

probably the same person who does any kind of story or scripting, i.e. the writer(s). unless by “chooses” you mean who has final say, which is probably the creative director or art director.


or writer or something I dunno

It’s a trick question. it’s a team that decides.

I’d like to talk to the asshole who designed the Demon Armageddon.

The director.

I’m currently working on a bachelors degree in choosing what fighting game characters say and look forward to choosing what a lot of fighting game characters say.

That would involve a Baccalaureate in Science right? Because it sure as heck sounds like a job that would require alot of BS.

What I want to know is…why did they need a Japanese VA for Dudley in SF4?

Because, for some reason, they decided that everyon should speak either english or japanese and have individual voice actors for each language.

The localizer translates it from japanese to english.