Who is Q? (3s)

Thought I’d bring it back up, Im sure some people had some good theories and I was interested in hearing them. I think its Bison.

I think its…


There’s no way its Bison. Bison’s soul was killed when Akuma did the Shun Goku Satsu (Raging Demon). Plus, it was stated in 3rd Strike that Q witnessed the fall of Shadaloo. Since Bison was killed, he couldn’t have seen the fall of Shadaloo.

I think it’s Balrog. After Bison was killed, he took over, but he saw the fall of Shadaloo. Plus they have similar dashing attacks.


I’m just fuckin’ with ya!

It’s probably Mr.Clean!

it’s supposedly the female interpol agent.

Q is only one model of what seems to be a mass-produced android. If you use Necro’s electric attacks on him, there is no skeleton. Also, in his ending, he appears in many different places at the same time, which seems to lead that there are many different Qs.

Some guy on a boat.

Word ,some guy on a boat .(From SF:2)

I like it if he gets hit with a weak on the last hit. He kind of just pop-locks but doesn’t fall down.

I’m putting -$5 on Q being a hermaphrodite. Takers?

He is a robot detective.

and inspector perhaps, also a gadget?

i know i know!!!

BALROG!!! w00t i get -10 points!!!

I think Q is connected to Bison, he is either Bison (who also has dashing moves in CvS1) or someone who works for Bison. He could be a temporary body for Bison until he finds a new one.

A child molestor.

His a character but, shhhh!! dont tell anyone :confused:


Inspector Gadget!

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i said it beofre all of you

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The question should be why he was made instead of who he is.

BTW, I think it’s a dude on a boat (from SF2).

Michael Jackson, its obvious!

Why do you think kids run away from him and he wears a mask

Lol. That is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen you write. +10 points.