Who is Peeing on the Toilet Paper?

Alright I really wanna know. I’ve encountered this on countless occasions at various schools and stores, but I’ve never known anyone who actually does it. Clearly there has to be a decent amount of people doing it, or a few really adamant ones at the very least. This also goes for just peeing all over everything, but for some reason it’s typically on the toilet paper. I don’t know if that’s the “cool” place to go or what, but even in my “annoying kid” prime I didn’t pee all over stuff. So just curious if any of you did it, or if you know anyone who did.

Repent! =P

I spent 2 days drinking a lot of water and hosing down the whole bathroom when I was 12 once and got in a lot of trouble. That’s the only time for me

The only thing two days of constant water drinking has gotten me is a new set of dance moves and an inevitably stuck zipper.


I like to think that there is a special place in hell for people who fuck up public bathrooms by purposefully pissing on the seats and floor, putting shit on the walls, soaking the toilet paper, dumping the whole roll into the toilets/urinals/sinks, and even shitting in the urinals. This is even in bars and other places where there aren’t any children and its mind boggling.

This was at a seventh day Adventist school they sent me to after getting tossed from public schools for a year. So yeah, probably hell and a chair with my name on it. I would never shit in a urinal though. Ugh gross.

…I feel out of place, I’ve never done anything weird in public restrooms :[

For some reason, it’s usually worse in the ladies room. Smeared feces and all kinds of horror based on what some co-workers told me.

Shout outs to the dbags that do this in dorm restrooms.

The fuck man.

It was me. Clean your damn toilet once in a while, and I might be more inclined to let my urine grace your ceramic. Nasty bastards.

I cant even remember the last time I used a public restroom. I do my business at home before I go anywhere. You have my condolences if you have to use a shared bathroom.

i refuse to use a public restroom. People have no respect for the Almighty toilet, and just tarnish it with shit on the seats and walls. Fucking nasty.

if aliens where to judge us as how we behave as a collective, this is the shit they would look at.

some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn

I am more of an upper decker kinda guy.

Whoever does this… I wanna slap the SHIT out of you. Like slap you into another dimension and shit. When I’m done you’re gonna be waking up in a frozen rainforest lookin up at 2 suns and a moon at the same time


shyts funny as fuck
like when I use to pee on cars at parties

Never heard of peeing on the toilet paper though
sometimes I miss and pee on the toilet :frowning: urinals creep me out, people actually LOOK, intentionally. fuckin gay! then they look at you like its your fault they’re gay and interested in other dudes cocks

Shit in a urinal is actually really easy to clean up

all you have to do is get it under water level and under the urinal screen (and nobody shits huge enough to completely cover the urinal screen), all the flushing will eventually get it all down the drain

shit on the floor is a completely different story

I avoid public bathrooms because it usually reignites my hatred for my fellow man.

3 AM and you’re at a fast food restaurant drunk as fuck and you have to take the worst piss of your life

public restroom or parking lot behind the ugliest/nicest car there