Who is more advantageous? ryu or fei

please help. i am a fei user, but someone in here says that fei is advantageous as ryu and can beat ryu as easily as ryu beats fei.

my question? who is more advantageous and easier to win? fei or ryu?
and can fei beat a good ryu easily?

this is what i think? fei will lose most of the time to good ryus but a good fei will endure longer and thus die later? u guys agree. we r talking about majority not justin wong’s fei vs with some sucky ryus.

As “easily”?

No question. Ryu. Easily.

I don’t think this matched is heavily stacked in Ryu’s favour, Fei has the tools to compete. I just think Ryu is a million times easier to use than Fei.

although fei has the tools to compete just like ryu, but the ease of using a character is in favor of that character’s victory. remember, everyone in here has their own unique moves but we have to remember that the ease of using a character against one another is in favor of the victorious character. for example, consider blanka and fei. i think it is totally a disaster fight. although u can win, but it will be very hard.
sagat and fei. if fei is advantageous and easier to use, then how come we see less fei in sf4 than most other characters besides dan.
other opinions?

I think the ‘easy to use’ bit is the key. Fei Long is extreamly dificult to master there is no question there, but so are dhalsim and many popular characters- so why do we see so little of him?
well…he is bruce lee, a tribute character and not much more. This is just my opinion but characters like dhalsim are iconic, you can instantly recognize them but when it comes to Fei he is just a cut and paste copy easily confused with other clones like law (tekken). Now as a Bruce Lee fan i love the idea of playing as him in a game but to me thats all fei is…just an uninspired clone. Again this is just my opinion but really how can you attact people to a character when the character has nothing of his own?

although dhalsim is difficult to master, at least he is more advantageous against ryu then fei. agree?
please stick to ryu and fei. thanks for ur opinion

Ryu have 50 way to combo is ultra. Fei has 1 and its not full animation. So Ryu have the advantage over Fei, settled.

Ryu: Better ranged attack, better anti-air, better armor break, better super, better ultra

FeiLong: better FA, better speed, better pokes, counter ultra

Hmm there is no comparison here… Ryu is better than Fei Long in almost all aspects of the game…zoning, AA, ways to connect to Ultra, BnB combos(in terms of how easy to execute)…only advantage for Fei is the FA, pokes and speed.

With all that said…it’s a 6-4 match-up for Ryu…

Frankly I’d say Ryu even has better pokes than Fei.

I’m with you on that one. cr.mk into any special? yes please.

ryu, better ultra in most aspects except damage. juggling into has so many ways. ex fireball in the corner, dp, ex tatsu, anti-air.
better DP.
be throw maybe? fei’s range seem shorter.
better links. st.lp on anyone, thanks? link into crouching ANYTHING, thank you, with combos.
overhead isn’t just asking to be thrown or DPd after it, and guessing the correct counter.
better DP FADC. with fei, it’s easy to accidentally backdash.

Ryu def. has the advantage over Fei. Theres nothing to argue about when Fei’s 1 Frame CW> cl. HP is the only reliable way to fly through Fireballs but landing the link not only isnt reliable but will get you DP’d into Ultra. Propz to anyone that can actually consistently land it consistently considering Fei’s 1 Frame actually requires more than just Plinking.
On the other hand, DP makes flamekick look like a joke when you compare recovery, worst of all, it trades and unlike Ryu, your chances of not being punished even after a lk. Flamekick is close to nil unlike those lp. DP spammers. Last but not least, the BS Command Throw that i wish i could remove if given the option.

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Ryu has advantage, so does Ken. Focus attack (which is one of feis biggest assets) is too risky in a good match where they know their footsies, you will get destroyed with cr mk hado. Fei’s only real trick in this match is the overhead which could go over a fireball if timed right, and then its a guessing game from there. He just can’t keep the pressure on as tightly, lp rekka is as good as its going to get. That isn’t even factoring in ultras, which is beyond obvious.

EX CW is good for closing in, although recovery on block will usually get you SRK’d.

And Fei has one link into full ultra. J.HK . . . good luck linking it consistently though.

its even i believe, where ryu has a slight advantage because he can make a come back from his easy ultra set-up…

Just compare the safe options Ryu has with Fei’s, not talking about moves recovery time…no match really, give Ryu to the hands of an experienced player (at least, experienced enough to master Fei) and you’ll see clearly the advantage.

On an average fei’s startup’s are better than ryu’s but ryu’s recovery are better than fei’s:

Some key normal ryu’s is better like his: cr lp on block gives him +2 and fei’s is 0 but ryu’s cr lk puts him at -1 while fei is 0.

Ryu’s “close hard kick” and the “overhead” are better than fei’s; but who cares about the close hk. fei’s. I personally value his overhead more which puts him on -4 on block and +1 on hit, where as ryu’s is -2 on block and +3 on hit.

In the specials category:
Ryu’s lp srk is better than fei’s lp rekka when it comes to startup.

Its his ability to combo his ultra is what tips the match up to his advantage. Honestly, i feel fei’s chicken wing is the problem since its used to close the distance during a fireball zone and on hit he still doesn’t get enough + frames to consistently combo. Now add the threat of ryu’s FADC srk to ultra combo makes a fei player even more hesitant to use the CW effectively.

heres my list for who has the edge:
Ultra: Ryu Obviously
Super: Ryu (yes Fei’s super is good, imo better than his ultra but when it comes to Shotos we need the EX to close in. Also our ways of landing it are limited)
Specials: you tell me whats better than DP? Ryu
Normals: Even (if you think elsewise please let me know why) Ryu pretty much evens it out if not beats out Fei b/c of cr.mk links and cr.lp easy links.
Easiness of Combo/Links: Ryu
Armor Breaking Move: Ryu
Overhead: Ryu
Recovery: Shoryuken Shoryuken Shoryuken Shoryuken Shoryuken
Risk/Reward Factor: Ryu
Ground Game: Ryu
Air to Air: Ryu
Focus: Fei (OMFGZ!!! REALLY!!!)

Guys, it’s Ryu. Of course he has better stuff, move for move. He’s S-class SF4.

But it’s still not a free win I don’t think. You’ll have to outplay him, yes, and his techniques are easier to employ, but Fei still has the tools to make Ryu have to work for it.

so what? feilong plays in movies