Who has have tried this hacking?

I need a PSone pad for hacking. I want looking a cheap price PSone joystick.
I find this “PRO SHOCK MINI ARCADE STICK PSX/PS1 INTERACT”. I’m not sure that’s easy hacking pad.

who has have tried this hacking?


I hacked my Psone controller is succssed! I tried next PS2 controllers is fuck up! 2 times and lost 2 controllers. not same PSone controller. :sad:

I don’t want PSone is little expensive. I want cheap PS or PS2 controller. I’m afraid and not trust there the party third assccories controllers. I looking an arcade joystick padhacking to match my custom joystick.


you need to buy a Dualshock PSX/PS1(one) pad. Stupid easy! Just ask you local Gamesto/EB Games if they still have any DS1 in the back/stock room, ask to look at them, clear ones will tell you right away if they’re the one you need.

yeah, I bought a PS1 DS from EB games. that’s $7.00 :wgrin:
PSone controller is very rare now. I need save my PSone controller.

I want looking cheap joystick pad for good match the joystick. I know that joystick PCB is big than PSX small PCB. I have enought space in my joystick. I dunno…

I ordered from BRE software but can’t shipping to Canada. what the crap.

I looking I want hacking pad PSone. who have one it selling? :zzz:

I just bought that off ebay. It really sucks. No real grip and the top of the joystick rolls.