"Who Got Next? Gaming" August 15 Absecon, New Jersey(Sf4 n Blaz Blue)

We are offering cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in the 1v1, 2v2 tournament, and Question Mark tourneys(Random Picks) (1st place winner only).

Also in the 1v1 Street Fighter 4 tourney, the first place winner will not only get cash prize but will *get one of a kind custom made arcade stick provide by Laughinghyena Stickz!

So here is the all of the information that is needed for the tourney. I have a feeling it?s going be epic event.

What: Who Got Next? Gaming
When: August 15, 2009
Where: Absecon, 225 North Shore Road, New Jersey 08201 at The Nerd Palace

Get Directions!

Sign up time: 10:00am ? 11:00am BE ON TIME!

First Tournament starts at 11am
End time till it?s done


Street Fighter 4
Blaze Blue

System: 360

Entry Fee: $2

1v1Street Fighter 4 Question Mark (Random Picks) Tourney entry fee: $2
Single elimination (SF4 only)

2v2 Street Fighter 4 Tourney entry fee: $20
Double elimination (SF4 and BB)

1v1 Street Fighter 4 Tourney entry fee: $10
Double elimination (SF4 and BB)

BYOC (bring your own control)
BYOFS (bring your own fight stick)

Registration is going be first come first serve. Sign up here and present your name at the door the day of the tourney.

Any question or any concerns please feel free to ask or email us
jarimthedream@gmail.com and laughinghyena21@gmail.com

Philly Pretzel Factory
Laughinghyena Stickz
Bill Designs
LizardLick Amusment Arcade

See you guys there!

*custom stick will be made and mailed to the winner.