Who gives the best advice?

Ryu’s words of wisdom sound fresh no matter how many times I read them.

Twelve. Definitely.

You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance.

Akuma, definetley.

His grunts yield volumes of wisdom.

Who or what is sheng long? I’ve been seeking the answer to this question ever since world warrior.

chinese for dragon punch, iirc

Yeah. A long time ago (World Warrior era, '92 I think) EGM ran an April Fool’s joke where supposedly Sheng Long was a secret unlockable character. But actually Ryu is just saying you have to defeat his dragon punch to stand a chance.

Deffinitely Ryu.

Clarity of mind. Trying new things is improving yourself (or something). He knows whatsup.

I also like Yangs “An angry fighter is a useless fighter.”

Oro: If we were to leave right now, would anyone really care? Probably not.

Agreed ur a good man!

Urien gives good advice, lemme count thy ways thosut suck er sumthin like dat!

“Tell me who just rocked your world with SKILL!!!” :clap:

followed up closely by

“How much dost thou suck? Let me count the ways”

I’m going to argue for Q.


It doens’t get more insightful than that.

i thought this thread was a vote on which srk-head gave the best advice :.


my picks are ryu, elena, and yangs

haha, i dont think i have ever seen a win screen from elena.

^Hahaha, Elena is poopy girl.

I’m with LimeGreenNinja on this one. Thought this would be a battle between Jinrai, Streak, TB, ClosetRemy, and me ( :rolleyes: ).

OH. HAHA. I get it now, id dint know wtf he was talking about.

But its a dumb poll to make becuase I give the best advice.

lets thread jack and ask

which srk member gives the best advice?

Over all or character by character? Id say over all thong boy is the most helpful. What he posts is easy to read and informative.

But not nearly as breadth-taking as SlimX, I’m sure.

N - Thanks anyway!