Who do you think will make it in Injustice 2?

Before I start, I was about to put this in the general discussion but it said “if your talking fighting games, take it to the fighting game discussion” so I am putting it here.

Based on the format of recent Neatherealm studios games (24 characters initially, 18 males 6 females/ 4 season pass 1 dlc, 2 males 1 female 1 guest) along with Injustice format (12 heroes 12 villians) as well as rumors on who’ll make it in and/or who is the most anticipated for Injustice 2, I see the cast being

Returning Heroes:
3.Wonder Woman
4.The Flash
5.Green Lantern
6.Green Arrow

New Heroes:
7.Captain Atom
9.Booster Gold
10.Black Canary

Returning Villians
13.Lex Luthor
14.The Joker
16.Death Stroke
18.Solomon Grundy

20.Red Hood
21.Poison Ivy
23.Captian Cold

Beetle Blue
The Shade
A Guest Character

I will shake my head if there’ll still be a button for stand switching

Booster Gold would be pretty awesome.

Gonna apologize in advance for this, sorry @Monkey66 for using your thread for my rant.

Anyway, I will never understand why Netherrealm Studios treats there own fighting games like its Call Of Duty? Like seriously, do you know how long it takes for meta of a fighting games to developed? At least two years at best, maybe even more. I understand they’re under the umbrella of “Warn-a-Brother” but c’mon man! They should of have some type of say or any input that WB would take in as valuable words.

Obviously any character from the upcoming movies.
So we can expect at least 2 or 3 members of the suicide squad.
I also don’t expect it to be named Injustice 2 or the like, instead being a new story line to launch a new comic series later.

SMH at no Nightwing on your list. Also, Static is not a DC character. He belongs to Milestone.

As for roster, anyone from the movies and TV shows are the safest bet. I want to see Catwoman replaced by cheetah. Damien as Robin went be sweet and Firestorm.

EDIT: I’m dumb. But Milestone comics were absorbed into the DC universe, and Static has appeared in several DC productions, including Young Justice and Brave and the Bold.

Also, Static is already in the Injustice mobile game. Checkmate.

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<---- all I care

I think the cast will be more than Injustice 1. I would like to see Hawkman and Black Canary, as well as Captain Cold and Poison Ivy.

I’m just gonna leave this here…

I reallyyy not digging the new Joker look. It seems too try-hard edgy for him imo (especially the “HA” written in blood on his chest)

If The Demon Etrigan doesn’t make it in I’m gonna throw a fit :angry:


He’d be perfect for this game imo