Who can tell me about knackle fighter?

Where did it come from? CAn I d/l it somewhere? Just very curious.

for those who don’t know…


Looks like MUGEN tbh.

Looks like SFIV for Wii.

LMAO @ Viper.

yup. it is mugen :rofl:

As far as i know, you cant make zooms in MUGEN, maybe is ASCII Fighter Maker or something like that…

C. Viper would be much cooler in SF4 if she played like that.

Damn, Viper is super buff in the Wii version

X freaking D at Crimson Viper in that vid. That’s great.

It does look like MUGEN to me.

oh god what.

That’s definitely MUGEN.

That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day… :rofl:

Oh my, what a detailed animation frame!

Is she shooting fireballs from her va-jay-jay?

Ba-zing! :rofl:

This shit is old, but hilarious as fuck.

You so went there. Pelvic thrust. Pelvic thrust. Oh. Oh. Oh.