Who are the entertaining Juris?

So I’m doing my usual rounds on YouTube looking for the latest “thing” that any Juri player is doing differently that could help my game, and I find myself falling asleep.

The only really good Juri that I found to be entertaining and interesting to watch is Sh1nd. Not even the Japanese 20k Juris interest me – on the contrary, they’re the most boring to watch.

Who have you guys found to be interesting? I’m tired of being impressed more by the opponent than the character that was my intention of viewing.

What is “entertaining”? Ones that go all super crazy offense? Ones that zone really well(my personal favorite)?

To be honest, outside of this forum, I haven’t found a Juri entertaining to watch since Kuraudokin lol. However, I appreciate solid play, which is why I’m fond of Good-Time.

I think it’s less to do with the players, and more to do with the character.

Solid play is efficient, but holy shit is it boring. We all know what solid play is and the strengths of employing such tactics. But when we find ourselves down on life and needing to score some damage, the experience from playing too solid overpowers the lack of experience in taking risks. (You want to lose playing solid or have a shot at randoming someone out for the W?) Every solid Juri video I see is the same. [If A, then B; if not then C] Copy and Paste 10,000 times. Holy crap. And even if they’re still losing the same matchup, they refuse to try new stuff! /MindBlown

What I’m looking for is innovation. Using a move in a way that I’ve not thought of, and is actually practical~

“If you’re getting hit, there’s something you can improve on; there is a better answer to the one you’ve found.” is my philosophy, which is why I’m looking to learn from people who share the same idea.

I find this guy entertaining with Juri [media=youtube]gPOJyy5i32Q]YouTube - Bullcat [Gouken] vs SKF Ver2 [Juri[/media]

Admittedly, no Juri has really blown my mind recently either, but I like this idea so I’ll post a list of Juri players I’ve noted:
]SKF Ver2
[*]Mike Infinite

Retired / not mains:
[]Infiltration (korean player, very interesting imo, doesn’t main Juri)
]Sh1nd (retired afaik, best european)
[]Floe (not main)

Juri really isnt a character that is really fun to watch. Good juri play looks like the opponent isn’t blocking or teching. This is because of mind games and good reads. But this is boring. Entertaining juri play is blow outs in which risks pay off, but doesn’t necessarily mean the gameplay was solid (imo)

i agree. i think juri is pretty boring to watch, but fun to play.

I agree. This is why I’m wary of SK Ver2’s style of play, especially his use of LK Senpusha. His whole style is unsafe.

I can understand why people would want to see** that** Juri player, who’s doing all kinds of crazy stuff or being really original, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. Juri doesn’t seem to be that kind of char. I think the master Juri will be someone who can make good decisions/reads, can fuzzy set-up well, knows her normals and is proficient with her combos.

At the moment, the only players I like are Good Time and Neo.

It would be fun to see a Juror who relies only on pokes and counter. The most boring jurors to watch are the ones who jump every 2 seconds and pinwheel for pressure.