Who are some top Hawkeye players?

I honestly don’t think Chris G plays him how he should be. I’ve seen F Champ use him a few times on point. Who else has a strong Hawkeye?

EDIT: Heroic seems to be a good one too.

Yipes prob has the best Hawkeye. After that you have Chis G, Combofiend, Fchamp,Flocker?, that use him on there secondary teams.

Yeah yipes is a beast. Thanks

Magus1234 has a pretty good Hawkeye. He uses Hawkeye/Dante/Strider.

I don’t see many Hawkeye players that play pure zoning… most seem to play more rushdown.

I had some pretty good streaks around 1:33:25 here:

Why didn’t you just super jump when he spammed ground fireballs without assists or flight cancel? Might have helped out a bit.

Which match are you talking about?

Sorry I was skimming through the matches and one of them had her doing a lot of ground fireballs even in XF with no assist. Just somethign to keep in mind next time she starts spamming fireballs with no super jump coverage.

Normally I try to sit still and pushblock AV spam; as an Arthur player, I’m more aware than most that you don’t necessarily have to do anything to stop someone from chipping you out.

There is a match in that set where I end up losing Hawkeye due to mistimed pushblocks because of lag. Oh well, internets.

Wow, lots to say after watching that…

I guess ill begin by asking how one gets into one of these round-the-clock lobbies/streams, and then how does one find the stream archive of oneself afterward?

SpiderDan, love the team. And I’ve always gleaned great info from your posts over the years, in whatever game. Though if I had one constructive criticism watching your point Hawk, it seems like you could be flowing from one action into the next faster. Like, you’re not doing incorrect things generally, but it seems like hawk is doing his thing a little slower than he has to at times. And that, in turn, limits a bit how oppressive you could be being. I know I’m a nobody so take this, and everything below, as you will. Again, I hold you, and at the very least your forum posts, in a high regard.

What’s funny is I’ve been dying to see some good hawk on point footage to learn from, but lately have been having such success with my team (sadly, not in tournament, so again feel free to say ‘fuck this guy.’), Hawk Vergil Doom (plasma), that after seeing some of the competition SpiderDan faced (I watched on my phone from 1:30 to 2:00 when a call game in), if that’s the typical comp in there(seriously, was wesker from around 1:48 taking a dive?), I almost want to go in and show how it’s done lol I know that might come off as arrogant (though note the first question I asked was for directions on how to put my arrows where my mouth is), and I figure I’m still pretty low on the hawkeye totem pole, but after watching that, and my recent leveling up… id have those motherfuckers unable to move, let alone win. Lol

Though I think this is more a testament to hawkeye than myself. I so wish I could show chris g what I’ve been doing and working on. He’d make people BEG for morrigan lol. I DEFINITELY play a more zoning oritented hawk, if not faced with strong resistance (like wolverines, etc). To the point where if at the start of the match, when I back up, if they LET me establish some distance, they’re basically dead if I don’t fuck something up (which I can usually be counted on to do :slight_smile: ). I guess I rather express it as I’m attempting to rush down from full screen lol

It also helps, no doubt, having vergil (who I loathe-love) 2nd as an insurance policy. And I don’t claim to have any cures for zeros-on-incoming or tenderizer-firebrand type shit. But any semblance of a ‘fair fight’ lately, hawkeye’s just kinda blowing up.

I still wanna find and watch some top notch point hawks and study them. Would def love to watch more spiderdan, and that hawk skrull jill player, paulo3b-something? Blankin on his name but his hawk, when played in the 1-spot, is excellent… just working with sub-optimal assists imo. But for now, if I can, I kinda want to show you all what I’ve been up to, even if it results in my game being ripped to shreds (constructively).

Never induced more ragequits as in the last month or so. Long live the hawk!

That particular stream is on XBL; do a Lobby Search for Any/Any/Any/Any and look for “BEATDOWN Stream”. You can go to twitch.tv/gunmetal to watch the stream live, and there should be a link for past broadcasts.

I think there’s a PSN stream called OWN something, but I don’t play on PSN so I didn’t really care.

Do you have an XBL GT? I’d be happy to play you.

Yeah the players he was facing were garbage. Any mediocre Hawkeye player could have wiped the floor with those guys. Plus from what I saw, none of them knew how to counter (or have any remote answer) to Dark Arthur.

So happy to hear you say that. Cause I really didn’t want to come off as arrogant or anything, but I watched that thinkin, I would fucking smoke these fools. Lol. And yeah, other than preserving my xf, I plan to be pretty clueless about Dark Art, myself.

Yeah, sure. Though I have no doubt if there’s one match id lose horribly to, its the hawkeye mirror :slight_smile: GT is SnackCakesGM, and gchat is benhasaplan@gmail.com in case you use that so as to arrange timing, or just gab about hawkeye like highschoolers. Like, omg, did you hear hawk, like, totally has, like, triple arrows and whatnot?!

If gchat isn’t your typical mode of gibba gabba, PM me your yahoo, aim, cell #, home address, social, or any atm pin numbers you see fit to get an XBL match goin.