Who are some good team mates for Wesker?

Currently I’m running Wesker on point, Dante as middile man and Akuma as an anchor. I feel as though I can replace Dante with someone else to add more synergy to the the team. The main reason I use Dante is for his jam session assist which I use to keep a person in place for me to use weskers lvl 3.

That’s…uh…already a pretty good team. You’d be hard pressed to get more “synergetic” then that. Wesker can dominate backed by Dante/Akuma. Dante excels with Akuma. Akuma can spam XF3 beams.

Outside of that, you can scrap one assist and just opt into having Wolverine on the team. Other characters worth a mention would probably be: Doom (Beam), Magneto (Disruptor), Sentinel.

Wesker Assist tier chart
Magneto-Disrupter (nearly BFF)
Akuma-Tatsu (what you already have)

Really really good
Trish- Peekaboo (wow this assist can be so freaking cheap)

Best Wesker team IMHO
Wesker/Dante(y)/Haggar(a)… this team is some serious grade A Bullshit
Magneto(a)/Wesker(b)/Akuma(b)… no BS cause you know whats gonna happen but a super solid team none the less
Wesker(a)/Doom(a)/Haggar(a)… Very close to best BS team with Wesker on point
Wesker(b)/Dante(y)/Trish(b)… Peekaboo assist with Wesker is so incredibly cheap its sickening, plus you get TOD combos almost every time you have meter or just dante with trish alive
Wesker(b)/Akuma(b)/Sentinel(a) solid, but not BFFs solid
Wesker(b)/Sentinel(a)/Haggar(a)… another team that has some serious Grade A bullshit potential
She-hulk/Wesker/Haggar… either character get alot from Mayor assist… just not to the degree of say Doom or Dante
and finally
Team Scrub (not really) Wolverine(y)/Wesker(b)/Akuma(b)… a clove of garlic can make this team work, seriously, it takes work at high level

I personally run Spencer/Wesker/Akuma and that works pretty nicely. With the best OTG assist in the game starting the DHC glitch borders on comical it’s so easy, and Slant Assist does great for combo extensions, mixups, and even resets if you finish certain combos with it for Wesker… Akuma covers both their approaches nicely and can cleanup with all the meter they build.

Hey what do you guys think of Wesker/Dorm/Ryu? I’m willing to switch out Ryu if there’s a better option.

Magneto (disruptor assist for teleport setups for both Dorm or Wesk) or Akuma (tatsu assist for setups and better anchor) would be good replacements for Ryu.

Can someone please provide a specific example as to why Wesker on point with Haggar’s lariat assist is really god-like?


In umvc3, haggar’s assist isn’t invincible isn’t it?

It’s half invincible, but it’s useless now. That was in vanilla.

I’m currently running a Dante, Wesker, Nemesis team. Dante And Wesker always go together nicely because pretty much all of their hypers, assists, OTGs, and ABC’s go together extremely well. And Nemesis is a great anchor. He has a lot of health, a few armored attacks, and does TONS of damage. Plus his hypers are insane if you X-Factor Cancel and do them twice in a row. I’d suggest trying that out and seeing how it works out for you.

Would Magnetos beam be considered better then Dooms? I feel like when I try to gunshot teleport from fullscreen under the cover of the disruptor beam I can’t connect the combo. How do you guys do it?

The combo is so much easier to get with Doom beam assist. Cause Magneto’s is so quick while Doom’s beam stays on screen a tiny bit longer so you can teleport into standing a,b,c then do your bnb