White shit

Nearly every sprite Ive ever found has “white shit” outlining it. How can I g3t rid of it? I cant see it in Imageready, till its online. Im using an av I made like this, so you can see it.

Also, anyone got a full K groove bar? :pleased:


Resizing GIFs do that.

So theres no way to avoid it, if it needs resizing? Gay.

Most requested thing evar.

Tip: Try to avoid resizing GIF images if you can.

You can actually get away with resizing them down 50% or doubling the size, but this only works if the image itself is then left static and saved as a jpeg.

Thats easy for a premium to say :stuck_out_tongue:

Theres no way to edit it out eh? :sad:

Edit: Also, does that mean the full K bar…doesnt exist?

What kind of avater are you looking for anyway ?? post whatever you are trying to do and I will do it :tup:

Snaaaake :party:

Really, anything with any of these:

It would be awesome if you could put Rugal, Ken, then Terry over one of those SS5 backgrounds with the K groove bar…but that might make the size way to big. But Ive seen some people do amazing things even with the limit, so who knows.

Really, just anything with any of those rips. (mostly Terry) :pleased:

Here you go K-scrub :tup:

Can you make it go from left: Rugal, Ken, Terry?

If not, I sill love you. :smiley:

Hey wtf, no matter what I do its a text file. :sad:

rename it to .gif.

Oh, thanks…heh