White Hori Buttons 8 30mm 2 24 mm

Just bought a Hrap 3 AV gonna do a LED mod to match my Hrap 2 SA from before so im not gonna need these buttons

For 20$ plus shipping.

I need to get these out of my sight so who wants some Brand new never used hori buttons?

Not to be an ass but at $2.50(8 hori buttons) a piece + shipping I could get some brand new sanwa’s or seimitsu’s from Lizard Lick. So are these just as good? Wait I just saw the 2 24mm also maybe thats why.

Incorrect i order from lizardlick all the time

sanwa buttons are 2.95 a piece $23.60
seitmitsu skeleton at 3.95 a piece $31.60
either 24mm buttons are like around 2.50
plus the 5.45 shipping for everything

so in the end it would be % wise a bit more mind you there better buttons anyway.

These hori buttons have never been used i just got the stick there spanking brand new and yes i said spanking new. i could even throw in the matching white sanwa balltop for a little extra. I mean its cool for your inquiry but you did kinda sound like an ass saying that you could get brand new better buttons for the same. Id do research before you post up like that its kinda insulting.

You are correct and I actually did look them up but I looked up the 24mm I am sorry I would edit my post but you quoted me so that’s futile but I do apologize. I guess your rite I’m just an ignorant ass.

I love you.

Also to answer your question Rugedman, stock Horis feel like Seimitsu buttons, they’re pretty much a clone iirc.

pssssssst… old skeleton seimitsu buttons snap ins and current 24mm buttons use the same microswitch as the stock buttons on the non all sanwa HRAPs.

That may be the case but happ buttons feel nothing like seimitsu buttons imo. Broken in seimitsu are the fucking best i love em to death

Bump. Will also consider years worth of srk. premium shipped. (my bank acct is effed up atm :sad:, n i love me some srk.)