White Euro vs Black US Barrier Strips

I have included a pic of a wiring job done by TMO. It uses white Euro barriers and every ground wire is individually linked to the other.

I found another expample of TMO wiring using black US style barrier strips with the spade/loop terminals. Here there was only one ground wire leading away from the barrier. They were not all individually linked (see bottom pic)


Am i right to assume that with USA barriers, all ground wires that connect to it are automatically linked. Eliminating the need to individually link each one like TMO has done in the first example?

I’m just trying to figure this out so I can finish up my order with Lizard Lick. Just not sure which type of barrier strips to get.

Any ideas?

one the first picture works. please upload them again

Sorry, couldn’t get the other pics to upload so I linked to the page in the second example. It is the pic at the bottom.

If you look closely at the black barrier strip on the left, he’s using barrier strip jumpers to connect all of the wires to that one ground.
They look something like this


those strips are just metal bars with no breaks in them( the black ones) so they are all just connected

he is taking one and putting a qd on it on 1 side then on the other side distributing it out to all the buttons.

idk if thats what u wanted to know or not lol

but that is for a common ground controller also

Oh lol, thats my akuma stick that i wired.

i did pretty much what TingBoy said.


thanks for clearing that up.

Yeah, the black barrier strips were used by Urth. He did his own wiring, and a great job too. I only use the white euro style, though mine are not as cool as the segmented style used by TheRealNeoGeo.

I use mine for looks as much as functionality. I could jam 5 wires into one location but I like to allow for the extra space and the symetrical look of the individual ground wires. I mean you really dont need individual ground wires for anything but looks or because you want to solder the buttons.

Maybe this is not the right place to ask this, or maybe it is… Anyway, individual ground wires doesn’t cause lag? I’ve always used the “chain” method (I’m not sure if that’s how it’s called)