White characters in fighting games


Being 100% Russian with a PALE complexion I always look for role models even at the age of 18

but I don’t like http://www.gadgetspirit.com/pic/figure/gashapon/capcom_fighting_jam/guile_anime.jpg

you’re kidding me with this http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll302/MateuVTK/Street%20Fighter/Street%20Fighter%203/Twelve.jpg

and don’t get me started on this

the other characters I want to quickly say
-Akuma is 1/4 Japanese and mainly Japanese(although he is Irish. this is proven by his red hair and love of fighting)
-Cammy is a chick and I’m a dude so it’s hard to look up to her

  • Alex could possibly just be a light skinned Puerto Rican
    -Most other characters white are HEAVY American(looking at you Guile) or sports players that don’t speak proper English and are brutes
    -Nascar and WWE…dosen’t really belong on SRK so I’ll keep it that way

So tell me why the lack I mean GENERAL LACK of white character that some one can be proud of?

1#Can’t be a tool(in his plot can’t be used)
2#Can’t be a Brusier aka Just in it to F*** something up
3#Dosen’t just blend into the crowd
5#Dose not wear a jersey or use sports related attacks in his style
6#Speaks properly unless he’s from another country
7#no buzz cut and military fighting users
8# dosen’t really represent any country if it be England, A place in South Africa, and especially that piece of shit Australia.



Lol topic of the year hands down

And yet…it has been done to death.

You sir, are a genius. :china:

but… how can you not look up to Zangief? He serves the dual role of the strong white guy model and a homosexual. People these days… :razz:

another joke topic

Is Zangief actually gay? I know on his biography it says he dislikes young attractive girls or something like that. But he might just be a MILF hunter?

Zangief is everything I want in a white man. Wait, what? That didn’t come out right.

The ideal homosexual looks like someone who could kill his partner with a mere hug? (Either the strength would do it or his wirery chest hairs that can withstand fireballs and stuff would slowly grate the other guy to the bone)

Damn I am so glad not to be gay if that’s the case (although I guess people into S&M in a really big way wouldn’t mind)

your new role model

this is my favourite thread