Which Xbox360 Cables?

Ok so im from the UK so the links to prices are gonna be in english.

But im about to get a new TV (my dads cast-off) when he gets his new 42’’

its a 37’’ TV and has 2 inputs on the back

1 input available for

and 1 for HDMI

whats actually the difference? I mean i’ve use my dads TV with my xbox before and used the VGA cable, but ive only just noticed the HDMI input on the TV, the cable is more expensive, and common sense would tell me that, that means it is better? (rather naive thought i know haha)

cheers :slight_smile:

and sorry if theres a thread answering this specific query, i tried to look but came up with nothing.

I don’t know the data behind it, I just know HDMI is superior :slight_smile:

ive just done some intense googling and found, it seems you need to have an xbox360 that has a HDMI slot… like the elite xbox (the black one) … which mine doesnt… so hmm… looks like ill just stick with the VGA cable… it still looks damn nice haha :smiley:


also a good read, explains it really, well :slight_smile:

ok well it looks like this case is closed :slight_smile:

You’re making the best choice by going with VGA anyway. VGA should be lagless (apparently some TVs or monitors still post-process, but I’ve never seen one do so).

Check out the HDTV Lag thread, it’s got all the info you need in the first post.


you can get hdmi cables for $3

I get all my cables from monoprice, amazing site.