Which version of SFIV should i get?

I just recently got into fighting games and although im getting stomped pretty hard on SFV, I have my moments lol. Anyways, im looking to get a copy of SFIV to play on the side but I don’t want to get one where I’ll have a hard time finding a match online which brings me to my question, which version of SFIV on which console is the most populated? (wont have trouble finding a match). Help a rookie out please.

None of them.

Vanilla SFIV (the original release) has the most populated servers at the moment.

Not sure about the console part, but USFIV is the latest (and final) edition to the SF4 series.

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for which console?

really, is SFIV dead?

I know that but does it still have a lot of players even though SFV is out?

The mugen version.

I’m most certain it does.

for which console? 360 or PS3?

I’m certain it’s active on both consoles. If not, then you could always ask your fellow SRK members on getting some games in instead (as long as you don’t make a thread for it, like this one). Hit up the SFIV sub-forum.

the version you want is the ssifv version on the nintendo 3ds of sfiv because it has the newer released characters juri and hakan on it

as you can see ryu isn’t fuqing around

Yes that is correct

The Japanese arcade hardware version


Just buy the DLC costume packs, they include the game for free

Street Fighter: The Movie

is this what the fighting game community has to offer? sarcastic answers? this is just sad.

What’s even more sad is that you don’t know how to read/use search function.

This is General Discussion…you should go here:


Also…this forum does not equal the fighting game community.

Just get with the times and play Street Fighter 5…the NES version. No 8f input delay here BOI


I certainly hope not and its not really sad since I’m new here

I certainly hope not and its not really sad since I’m new here. I was just looking to get some insight from those who are more experienced than me in this scene. my fault.