Which ultra should i use at EVO?

**Burst Time: **Does more damage, but has like 200+ recovery frames.

**Burning Dance: **Less damage, extremely easy to connect after EX.Seismo, Less recovery frames if whiped.

Is this even a question? Obviously Ultra 1. You’ll land that shit every match with your eyes closed.

Thank you, but you sound like Burning Dance isn’t easy-mode.

Hahahahahaha oh my god.

ultra 1 ftw meterless dash cancel into ulra 1 that what im talking about

Which one does Latif use? Which one does Krone use?

Which one has two billion ways to combo into?

Use U1.

Don’t be a follower, use the Burning Lap Dance – it is Vegas afterall, give the people a show.

Are you really asking this?

No, he is just a clown.

I don’t think you should be competing at EVO if you need to ask what to use before hand.

But if you’re just playing, try them both. It’s no big deal if you lose.

Not that I play her but one, U1 is her go to ultra, two should you really be competing if you have to ask an elementary question to your character?

Use U1. You can sneeze and land it.

Nobody uses Ultra 2. I don’t even play Viper.

I use her U2 and get pretty nice results at tourneys, you tried tho

Well then your competition sucks dick, but then again you’re a troll anyway.

Come on, don’t be a jerk. I consider myself a scrub, no need to be rude.

Anyway guys, game over, it’s done, i lost and i didn’t even use Burning Dance. Too much for me trying to give a show. Better luck next time D:

Why do some of you need to bash this dude? He’s not good, I’m not good, most people aren’t. Get over yourselves, he hasn’t done anything here to warrant getting insulted left and right.

Gotta admit that even I knew that U1 is better though.

Thank you! (i’m a dudette though) :slight_smile:

But i always knew Burst Time was the better ultra since i’ve been playing her since SF4, but Burning Dance isn’t THAT bad as everyone makes it out to be and i wanted to show something different for her. At the end, i used U1 and didn’t work out anyway so :lol:

To be fair it was a dumb question…not trying to be mean but come on seriously?
U1 is guaranteed any time you touch the opponent while U2 can only be combo’d from Seismo & HP, obviously U1 all day unless trolling then pick U2.

Also if “she” (Rule 28-30 sorry lol) had stated along with her question that she just wanted to have fun & didn’t care much about winning it would have saved her from getting flamed, but even so stupid question is stupid…just pick which is more fun for you cause that’s the point for YOU to have fun the opinion of other’s doesn’t matter.