Which taunts are good?

all i know was makoto’s and akuma is the greatest 1 …

but not sure about akuma , 1 taunt could give a hell of a damage ??

Actually I think its hard to argue Q’s taunt isnt the best. As far as gaining some benefit goes.

Q’s is by far the best, the only one which is actually a KEY to the character’s effectiveness.

Other good ones include:

Dudley - Should always be performed after connecting a super. It forces them to block/parry, allowing you to mix up between c.short/sweep/f+RH/etc. It also increases the damage of his next move (unless it’s a throw). If you’re on the receiving end of this, DON’T PARRY IT!

Hugo - Gives stamina boost which is less than Q’s, needs to be done 4 times for max benefit. Also increases the damage of his next move (unless it’s a throw). Is only safe to do after landing the backbreaker, and sometimes not even then.

Necro - Increases damage of his next move (unless it’s a throw…HCF+K counts as a throw for this purpose, btw). Is safe in a lot of situations, but not recommended since it is better to keep the pressure on your opponent. The only exception is after any stun combo…taunt should ALWAYS be done before your followup.

Urien - Increases damage of his next move (unless it’s a throw). Likewise, should be done after a stun combo. However, it also knocks the opponent down at close range and must be blocked low (I think). Sometimes you’ll see Japanese players cancel his low fierce into this. Do note, though, that if it hits you don’t get the attack bonus.

Akuma - Same as Necro’s. He doesn’t stun opponents nearly as often, though, and it’s risky to do if you stun them outside the corner (as it takes longer than Necro’s).

Yang - See above.

Twelve - Invisibility can seriously fuck with anyone’s mind. AFAIK it’s only safe to do after his backwards throw.

That’s all I can remember for now…

Sean for the same mix-up games as Dudley, only not as effectively.

And Yuns hat twirl as anti-air, too good!

Y’know, I was considering that. What made me decide against it, though, is that it’s only safe to throw out after connecting SA2 (which just happens to be his worst one).

And Yun’s isn’t too bad to do if you stun them, either. It increases the damage of his next special move I think…


Ken’s taunt makes him even more monstrous.

Check out Gamefaqs for the complete list of taunt usage, b/c Chunli has like 3 or 4 different things that affect her.

I think Ryu’s taunt is pretty useful.
It’s quite fast, so it’s not hard to pull it safely, and it increases stun bar recovery.
It saved me some times against Makoto


Ken’s taunt–which, IMO, is by far the coolest one :lol:–increases the damage of his next move. i don’t know by how much, exactly, but it seems like Ken has more of a damage increase than Dudley does. Akuma, on the other hand, seems to gain the most in terms of damage increase. not sure about those though. Yun and Yang gain strength, but not to the extent Ken, Dudley and Akuma do. their taunts work like Q’s, Alex’s, Hugo’s, Makoto’s and Chun’s do. you can taunt multiple times, each time getting an increase. in that list, Chun is the most unique 'cuz she has random variations with her taunt. each one brings a different increase. Alex’s taunt also increases power. you can either do this 4 times, or just hold his taunt. same goes for Yun. but i think with Yun you have to taunt more than 4 times to get the max increase.

edit: i think Hugo also gets throw damage increases if you HOLD the buttons when he taunts. 'cuz he has a “longer” version. not holding like Alex or Necro or Yun where they can taunt forever :lol:.

Yeah, Hugo’s taunt has a shorter version and a longer version. The longer one increases his throw damage. You can usually do this after a neutral throw as well (the one where he grabs the guy and does multiple hits and then chucks him to the other side of the screen).

Oh Elena’s, Ive had luck hitting with that one. Don’t know what the effect is but it sweeps and hits twice. And usually cracks me up.

Ken’s taunt doesn’t increase his damage that much; Gouki gets a relatively large bonus from his taunt.

EDIT: I am talking specifically about supers.


it really seems like Ken gets a whopper of an increase. i don’t have a DC so i can’t say exactly, but if i use Ken and i’m playing against CPU Sean, i’ll taunt and wait for him to do whatever move. after parrying, i just smack him with fierce -> strong shoryuken xx shippu. in this case, Ken’s fierce alone seems like it deals 2x the damage of a “normal” fierce. but whatever. hehe.

sean’s sa2 is great.:slight_smile:

Hm, am I missing something? To me it seems crappy because it isn’t as safe as SA1 or as damaging as SA3, and it doesn’t allow you to perform any of his good links (both other supers do). The corner double-super combo seems good but not likely to come up in a real match…

Please, enlighten me if there is anything else to it. =)


have you ever tried to parry that thing? it’s a nightmare. That super will pretty much stop people from jumping in on you.

ok …
strong > fiercer > kakatte kina !

if i remember i watched akuma combo in Powerstrke
1st stun combo complete , TAUNT do 2nd combo jump dive , fier , hurricane etc etc

in the 2nd combo after a taunt, each attack reduce 1/12 of the fucking life bar !

makoto … 2 taunts + sa3 … it’s so painful that it kills akuma/remy in 3 seconds

Q … like streak says , who cares if you get hit when you get the third taunt

h’bout alex’s taunt?
i usually do his taunt after landing a hyperbomb.:smiley:

laughing so hard that I die


Practice mode.

i know it was impossible in matches , … sad super