Which streetfighter queen is the hottest?

it’s between chun li and cammy.well personally i’d say cammy.

<------------ What about Rose? :smiley:

with that hideous hair and old enough to be your great grandmother?!? i think not!!

Sakura!!! :smiley: She’s the best

Rose is pretty hot , but my vote would be for either chun li…or maybe mokoto…or maybe ibuki…damn can’t make up my mind…either way those the are top teir when it comes to looks

i really don,t know they all look great.Canon wise it will be chun li.

R.Mika! Big round ass, huge titties, long blonde hair and legs to match? jebus, other capcom gals step down.

I’m voting for Chun-Li, my favorite Video Game Female.


You DID say queen… :smiley:



He’s so dreamy…

Its who,s the hottest street fighter queen not king.Read the thread title before you post.

Poison, in more ways than one.


sorry about that.you should have said you was joking.

i think imma have to go with chunli i loved here since the begining, then ibuki, i love ninjas

You should have known it was a joke. It was that obvious.

Hmmmm…Chun-Li (In the SF animated movie, Vega was in his right mind trying to invade Chun-Li’s room :badboy: he just payed for it!)

Chun Li all the way.

WHAT? With hands & feet that big? shudder She has hands Ryu would die for.