WHich stick to buy?

an american stick is no problem, I’m a fan of modding so I can change parts to japanese and what not if I dislike the sesnitivity. I am looking into a hori stick. Madkatz are way more expensive, so thats a let down.

Amazon.com: PS3 Fighting Stick 3: Video Games

Anyone have anything good about this as is out of box? I will be using this on pc, so will it work with the ps3 to pc drivers? Also is the quality bad or decent? I have heard nothing bad about hori. Just need suggestions before I buy. I’m getting the ps3 version because, if I do get ssfiv, I will be buying a ps3. I did read the slagcoin thing but it didn’t seem like it applied to pre-built sticks.

that isn’t an american stick. that stick usually don’t last long and is difficult to mod. Do you know what motherboard your pc has? Does it have a nvidia chipset (nforce) ? If it doesn’t you can get this instead Amazon.com: Street Fighter IV FightStick: Playstation 3: Video Games
it is about the same price and easier to mod.

Yes my bridges are Nforce. What does that matter though? I was kind of steering away from madkatz because I heard they have issues getting stuck and such. I wouldn’t be modding it right away, but in the future.

the mad catz fight sticks has issues with nforce motherboards. they aren’t recognize by the motherboard/computer when you plug them in.


so I cannot get the madkatz period? Is this only for the ps3 sticks? I heard 360 sticks work on a pc out of box. I doubt I will be able to buy a pci usb card as well.

the a hrap 3 or hrap 3 sa…

much easier.

You might want to check out the “what stick should I buy?” posts here in the newbie questions post and over at the newbie saikyo dojo. They might help you make your decision.

and much out of my budget. I got 50 bucks to spend on the stick, 60 tops. Shipping and tax are not an issue.

Thats well and good, and I did read it. It does not say anywhere about the ps3 stick not working on pc. At least I did not see it anywhere.

I don’t know about that since I have a intel chipset. someone on the last page of the thread I linked said

so might need get someone with a 360 stick and nforce chipset to confirm this

360 Madcatz sticks work with all PC chipsets.

And at a 50-$60 budget, don’t expect to be able to afford anything with more than poor quality knockoff parts.

At least with the Madcatz SE stick, you can easily mod it with better parts if you decide to in the future for another 40-$50.

If you ask me, you should save another $50 and just get a TE or a HRAP stick on sale because it will make the difference between your parts lasting years and lasting months.

Alright. I’ll see if I can dish out the extra. I really didn’t want to buy the TE as I doubt I’d ever do more than casual play. Not like I’m going to go to a tournament. But if the quality is worth it, I’ll get the TE. Should I buy the madkatz? Does the ps3 problem still apply to the newer TE sticks madkatz put out? The round 2 I mean.

Yeah it applies… If you want to play on pc only get a 360 one if you want to play on ps3 more get a ps3 one.

this guy is selling an already modded ps3 se for 65 shipped dont know if this will help but it would be a good option.

I think I’m just going to buy a 360 stick. Me getting a console will be some time. I’m still mainly a pc gamer. I rather not buy a console to begin with but I really do want super. I think I will try and fork a 360 TE stick. Probably madkatz.

You can get the Hori EX2 for the xbox 360 if you want. Its not the best and it isnt very easy to mod but its certain to work for PC and you can get them from as cheap as $45 from ebay