Which RJ to use to FADC a character on wakeup

If I have 3 bars I may sometimes walk up to someone and do a Rising Jag as they wake up, then FADC and go for a follow-up or throw on hit or miss respectively. (I believe its a common tactic). I say 3 bars because I tend to want to have 1 bar left after doing this tactic.

I have been using MK as it does the most damage with the first hit. The HK version has better properties but IMO you need to be too close to make it effective. I was thinking LK may be good too because I just realized it starts up faster and can hit a wake up backdash.

According to frame date:
LK starts up in 4 frames and: 1~5f feet immune to strikes and projectiles, 6f~ airborne, knockdown, can juggle,
MK starts up in 5 frames and: 1~6f upper body immune to strikes and projectiles, 1~5f unthrowable, 7f~ airborne, knockdown, can juggle,
HK starts up in 5 frames and: 1~6f Invincible, 6f~ airborne, knockdown, can juggle

I have had minimal luck with EX RJ as it comes out so fast you need to be extremely fast after the fadc, and it doesn’t seem to be worth the extra meter.

My question is which RJ do you use when you do this?

Only rj hk because of the full invincibles frames, but it range sucks really, rj lk is a very bad idea, no priority and it can be throw.

Adon has better options on opponent’s wakeup (e.g. safejumps, instant overheads, meaty Jaguar Kicks, meaty cl.HP>cr.LP).

yes this is why I said sometimes and not every time. Its all about mix ups.

edit: BTW do you have some safe jump/meaty set-ups? The main only one I’ve seen listed was Forward throw, dash, forward jump-kick.


I’m one of those idiot players who plays by feel and not technique.
Probably why I lose so much :wink:

From hard knockdowns (e.g. sweep), dash-up, nj.HK (on way down) OS.HK.RJ is very good, especially vs Honda.

I dont ever use it on peoples wake up any more, I do however still use rj’s after blocks jks sometimes, and the version depends on the range!

Ah use HK RJ, you can make em press buttons to try and get it off easier like cr.lk wait a second then use a hk rj to blow up their whiffed poke

lol! I think the LK jaguar is best cos of the range and feet invincibility.

I don’t do this very often honestly. If your trying to catch them hitting OS late tech on their wakeup and you absolutely want to blow it up, I actually recommend doing a slightly delayed close s.strong to trap their late tech and then hitting s.jab > s.strong > followups. It’s a hard link but it’s doable. Training mode baby! Otherwise, stick to meaties, safejumps, occasional overheads, fake meaties into throws and my favorite: Smacking the top of their head with HK Jag from just around sweep distance.

Edit: Besides, it’s much better to save your meter for when you actually land a hitconfirm. Your frame traps with close s.strong, crouching short and close s.fierce are a lot scarier when you can back up the link with a super at the end =)

I like HK rj on their wakeup. Not against every character, though. The important thing is: will their reversal blow yours? If not, it’s another thing it beats (pressing buttons AND reversal), the ratio becomes decent. If they have a stronger or trading reversal it’s not worth it. It loses hard to backdashes.

That’s assuming I’m not into position for a safejump or crossup, or course.

There’s not a great many reversals it doesn’t trade or beat and the trade I find is usually favorable. It is best when you have them cornered though, as it sets them up for a situation where they either panic or sit tight and eat a lot of chip from Adons excellent corner jag game, not to mention they don’t have the option of back dashing. Even when used out in the open though, I find most opponents don’t back dash because you are usually spacing it at a distance where it doesn’t look like anything you are going to do is a threat, so they end up sort of camping out on their wake-up. The latter situation is an issue of learning however and I’m sure players learn the more they play Adons who use spaced HK jag’s on wake-up as a sort of passive-aggressive move.

I also like it over attempting a cross-up on opponents who have under cutter DP’s down, since it basically nullifies cross up attempts. This game is so silly sometimes… =(