Which pros will rise/fall in SFV?

We’ve all got our favorite pros. Based on what we’ve seen so far from SFV, who do you think will climb to the top? Will anyone become less relevant after the switch?

My favorite pro is snake eyez, and I’ve got mixed feelings on how he will do in SFV. On one hand, his footsies are dominant, so he couldn’t fall too far from the top IMO. However, without a Gief-type grappler, I don’t know if he can be as effective with his mind games. His entire game is built around the threat of SPD, and birdie’s equivalent just isn’t as scary. Even if it was, Birdie is such a different character from Zangief.

Similarly, reading about Pepeday today has made me wonder if he’ll have trouble adapting to SFV on a tournament level. Unless we get R. Mika, it doesn’t seem like there will be a character to match his playstyle with Elf.

I can’t even process this thread.

good talk.

Those that were successful or have the potential to be successful in the older street fighter games will do well. Those who overly relied on setplay likely will not.

Who have you observed that relies heavily on setplay that you have doubts about making the transition to V?

I think someone new to the cream of the crop will drop off at the beginning. Someone like K-Brad in my opinion because he is an overrated piece of decrapre. Conversely I see players with a championship pedigree like Valle, Daigo, Xian and Fuudo doing very well at the beginning.

The best answer to the OP’s question is: we will see.
This is a thread created just for the sake of creating a thread imho. Only to cause more pre-mature arguments.

The problem is that naming people might actually lead to actual said people getting wind of said thread and huge arguments happening. I mean it’s slight, but still.

Anyways whatever I had a couple predictions of people to fall off a bit but I forgot who one of them was. So I only have one player to name:

Valmaster chun. Here’s why:

He’s been playing the game since vanilla I think but only really just came upon prominence afaik. Watching him, he abuses evasive play via chuns invincible backdash and also abuses focus as an AA. In sf5 however backdashes no longer have invincibility and focus is gone.

So he’s probably the biggest might fall off player I can think of… However since he is a top player, he may have more in the tank than that… And sf5 may provide him with a great opportunity to prove himself outside sf4.

Also, in general I think that players that abuse invincible backdash and focus are going to get exposed hard. So yeah all those players out there that play sf4 and backdash x3-4 regularly… I expect these fools to fall off a bit. And rightly so.

Also, the players out there that relied on crouchtech to bolster their defense because they don’t really have defense, I expect to get exposed pretty hard as well. Players that don’t know how to anti air well in general ar going to feel a lot of pain I feel and they are going to get bonked hard.

As far as players that might come up, I feel that less emphasis on execution in general will allow valles non training mode playing ways to do much better in sf5, perhaps not with ryu, but who knows.

Valmaster just uses what his character has to offer.
You don’t get this far if you got crappy fundamentals unless you play Fuerte.
It’s like saying Tokido will suck at other Street Fighters because he ran the Claw 50/50 in ST all day.

Who I think’s gonna transition just fine? daigo, justin, xian, combofiend, momochi, hm…maybe even bonchan :confused: eh…you too Pr balrog not sure it’d probably go either way when it comes to you though.

Who I think’s gonna have a harder time? PR Balrog, Mike ross, definitely you poongko, oh dear god will you be affected heavily man hahaha. Not sure what to say about alucard though, but that depends on how the game goes.

gootecks is undecided, and maybe max would be a top player who knows. Maximilian could probably pull that off since the game suits him.[I think] Marq teddy though…he might if he attempts it.

Not provable one way or another ATM. It could be said of anyone anywhere. However, he wasn’t winning at the international level till chun got buffed and a lot of other characters got nerfed and he abuses 2 things that aren’t in sf5. Those are the reasons why I have him as a player to look for dropping off.

He’s certainly a good player. There is no disputing that fact at all.

Also your tokido comparison is false since tokido DOES play other games. If all tokido played was ST wall dive vega in one game I wouldn’t expect him to be particularly good at other games. Not without seriously changing up his style at least and that goes for anyone in a similar vein.

Likely to rise:
People who put work into the game

Likely to fall:
People who don’t

Likely to embarrass:
This topic

A discussion about players will never lead to anything constructive, especially not in a way that can sustain itself long enough to be worthy of its own thread.

The only possible outcomes are hero worship, or discussing players as if they are their characters, which is just discussion of the characters and associated mechanics.

In other words, people do something in SF4 because they’ve found it’s an effective strategy, and they’ve refined it so that it works at a high level. To suggest that it would be different in SF5 is to suggest a bizarre world where tournament winners go to a different game, yet try to keep playing the same character they used before, and continue doing so for months, wondering why it isn’t working.

I’ve heard some talk that Justin Wong will be very strong at the start, rumour on the streets is that he is very good at picking up new games.

I think that’ll be the crux of it though, initially it will come down to who is best at learning new games - those players who can learn fastest will pull away at the start - but can they keep that lead? or will other players catch up and take over again etc?

Daigo took quite a while to learn and adjust with E.Ryu for example - so will it take him a while to learn the ins and outs of a new game?

Also the important one is that SFV will by MY time to shine :slight_smile:

Louffy will get bopped hard unless he switches to a new character entirely, no more Rose in SF5 (at least not yet) and no more backdash bullshit

EVO 16 grand finals will be Valle vs Nuki.

The guys who have good fundamentals and understanding of fighting games will prevail. The rest probably aren’t top players in SF4 and won’t really be there to “fall”. There might be some good players that will drop off, but not actual top players. SF4 gets a lot of crap from me and others for having a bunch of stupid mechanics, but you still need great fundamentals to really shine at SF4.

Note that when Louffy won EVO last year, the discussion amongst the top players weren’t how he abused backdash all day. It was how good his spacing was, and how good he was at sensing whenever his opponents would hesitate (as well as capitalizing on that).
Or, as someone mentioned: Tokido. The dude is a top player at almost any game he picks up. He always plays the strongest and most abusable strategies in those games (ST Claw, 3S Chun, SF4 VORTEXLOL, the de-facto best teams in both KOF13 and CvS2, etc), but he’s not winning just because of that. He’s got the fundamentals to back the cheapness.

tldr: this thread makes no sense because being good at abusing current mechanics doesn’t make you bad at other games.

(also shoutouts to Justin for destroying Combofiend with his day 2 Bison => )

How is Mike Ross gonna have a hard time?

This is one of the dumbest discussion on this sub-forum. Too many people bandwagoning and dickriding.

It would be more productive if folks focused more on how they could get to that level instead of dickriding those who are.

Imma dick ride Mike Ross til the end of time. He’s “The Best.”

People will just learn how to play a more old school SF. Won’t take long with the strong net code and all the tutorials that will be out. Go play some A2 or 3S to get ready.

tried to back out once I realized no one was as interested in flimsy speculation as I am, but the thread goes on. Sorry I guess?