Which product to use to remove paint from plastic joystick shell?

I’m curious… is there any thing that can be used to safely remove the paint from an HRAP shell? Not sure what plastic it is… probably ABS(?).

I have a shell I’d like to sell but I think some people might be hesitant to buy because of the paint job. Is there a way to strip the paint off without ruining the plastic?

that would be brake fluid oddly enough works great won’t remove dye but for standard paint on plastic. I have used it personally I once dyed a te white then panted grey with testlor model paint it took a little elbow grease not too bad though. soaking will help its perfectly safe I found the info through google


Brake fluid…? :rofl:
Weird, but I’m sure it works!

If it’s not too expensive, I’ll try this when the weather is more consistent.

I still can’t believe it got up to the mid-70’s in Ohio the middle of March!

The darn winter might finally be over! Good riddance to bad rubbish like cold and ice!