Which of these fightsticks would be best?

Can you guys give me some positive and negatives of the following sticks and which one you think would be best:
360 Mayflash Arcade Fightstick Joystick F300
Qanba Q1
Official Sony PlayStation Licensed 8-Button Arcade Stick.
Budget is in an issue hence I chose between these sticks if theres a better one in there price range feel free to say but I cant realistically go into the £80+ margin and I want to see if I even like fightsticks before spending more.

The mayflash has a good case that will make upgrading parts easy if you decide you like using a stick. Also, the wide compatibility is nice, despite being built around pass through.

Official Sony one is the Venom one according to Amazon UK, so I would for sure go with that one if you need the PS4 support. Upgrading parts is also a breeze, the case is the same as the Mayflash one pretty much. But Mayflash needs an authentic PS4 controller to use on PS4.


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I have the Qanba Q1 and it’s a great stick. I highly recommend that one from personal experience. The table clamps on it are awesome but you can use it in your lap too. Also it’s highly moddable once you start delving into that stuff. Qanba is better quality than Mayflash too. Mayflash is uber poverty time.

Desk clamps are trash.

Also OP needs to realistically look at all the systems he wants to play on/Support.
That will effect his or her final decision.

Why are desk clamps trash? They clamp the stick to the desk and let you sit further back from the monitor. If they work they work. You like to crap on or contest peoples opinions huh?

They are cheaply made, they bend easily and clamps are like suction cups a sign that the stick isn’t that great.

they ae all excellent

especially because they use ball tops, you can sit on the shaft, let it sink in deep, use one hand to press buttons, the other hand to smoke a joint, and just twerk like a fagg for directions

Mayflash Arcade Fightstick

Ball tops does not make it special, a decent ball top is not hard to find, as Japanese style parts the ball top screws off.