Which monitor is the best for playing fighting games (in this case USF IV) for 2014?

First i wana apologize to the admins if i opened the thread in the wrong section.

Guys, what yyou think which one should i pick up ? All of these have great performances and verry low input lag/response times , and also all of them are considered “gaming monitors”

1.Asus VG248QE
2.BenQ RL2455HM
3.BenQ RL2460HT
4.Benq XL2411Z
5.Asus VH236H (the good old EVO monitor)

If you think there is/are any better than those than feel free to sugest

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ok np… i think i’ll go with the Asus VG248QE … reviwews are bombastic and that one is among the reviewers considered one of the best if not the best hardcore gaming monitor!

and btw… “Look at all the games we have, can we all just agree to collectively stop playing Street Fighter IV?” … plain and simple NO !!! :wink:

Look up Displaylag.com for how input lag effects them

Reference sites like tom’s hardware or Newegg for reviews
(there random reviewers seems to know much more than the silly folks at site like Amazon)

I own the ASUS MX279h, its the best imo…

I’ve had no problems with my Asus VW246H.