Which is your favorite fighting game?

Hi guys,
Here i am posting for those poeple, who like to play fighting games. Please share with me, Which is your favorite fighting game ?
According to me, my favorite fighting game is Street Fighter. I am huge fan of this game.

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Panzer Dragoon is the best fighter ever! I love fighting dragons and random bugs. Where are all the fighting game fans? why are they not posting in this thread!? ><*

Super Smash Brothers Melee.
Street Fighter 4 comes in second place.

Gundam Battle Assault 2 has quickly climbed to be my favorite considering how much time I’ve spent with it. Before that it was Blazblue solely because of Bang Shishigami.

It’s hard to decide…

I probably had the most fun with the first Marvel when it came out. Either that or Melee. :B

Street Fighter and Samurai Shodown.

Final Fantasy Tactics… No one wants it >:[

edit: I fully well understand what genre it is. But in versus mode in war of the lions, no one can tell me shit. Orlandu will beat whoever into oblivion.

Marvel 2 is pretty cool.

Street Fighter. The first one

Mush-mouthed Sagat > all.

Marvel 2 is what got me into fighters, so I’d say that.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Melee would be tied for second in my book.


Soul Calibur II. Possibly the first fighting game I ever played. I got it on GameCube when it first came out and played it for two days straight with my sister before our parents got freaked and took it away because of the sensuality of the female characters, specifically Ivy. I got it again a year later on xbox and played it constantly with whoever had the gonads to take up controller against me. Game was beast, totally unbalanced, but that added to the charm. Man, that’s some nostalgia, I’ll have to find the gamecube version again, because Link is just crazy badass and the graphics were better than on any other console too, if that’s possible.



Killer Instinct

my favorite game Action Hollywood. I like to play this game free time. It is very interesting game. I am a bigger fan of game.This is really interesting game…

Vampire Savior.

Street Fighter and Marvel 2,Ubisoft announced the settlers online last year, and as time goes by, we have seen so many games rising: strategy game war 2 glory. Even 3 years ago, I was so addicted into urban rivals, the best card games so far.

SvC Chaos SNK vs Capcom =D

My favourites are street fighter, Def jam fight for New York and Killer instinct.

The GPU from the Gamecube was the best of that console generation and I have fond memories of that game as well.

My favorite however is BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend. So much strategic goodness :slight_smile: