Which is the worst final fantasy game?

I’ve had this argument with a friend but i’d like to seriously see if someone actually thinks final fantasy 9 is godlike.

Opps forgot to add FF13 and 13-2

Jesus, numbnuts, at least act like you tried to look for it. It’s on the same page.

That’s not a poll scrub, that’s a discussion about the whole damn series. This is just to found out which one was the worst.

We already have a FF thread, why did you make this…The FF thread was even seeing more activity recently.

That’s not a poll… idk if you people are illiterate or not. That’s like saying there is already a food thread but someone just posted hard tacos vs soft tacos poll.

Worst FF game is this thread.

I like Final Fantasy but it needs more boxes like my favorite game SkullBoxes.

Now that is a game for weiners!!!

FFXIII series.

Thread over.


I never understood. It’s called final fantasy, yet there’s always a sequel :confused:

Well the nes Final Fantasy game -was- at the time going to be there last.

After buying and playing more than enough FF, I don’t get why FF9 is there. That should be replaced with crystal chronicles for GC.

All of them.
Final Fantasy sucks.
RPG’s suck.

Who voted X-2? i thought it was pretty good, most people just hate all girl casts though. Makes them feel unmanly or some crap

If I remember correctly square was about to bottom out, they made this game as their ”final fantasy” and it sky rocketed, so they kept the name

I voted x-2 I honestly just didnt think it held up to ffx the way it should have, and the Charlies angels feel to the game killed it…

Somewhere deep down inside your stank little vagina you know you hate it that is why you put it in the poll. You just jealous cause you don’t got fabulous hair.

Edit:Kid Kaos, you don’t understand how this works do you?

I hated 9 and I thought 12 was dope as fuck. :confused:

You’re wrong. Its not pretty good. In fact it’s terrible.

Enlighten me?