Which is the better stick - SSF TE or SFXTekken Pro?

I would think SSF but the SFXTekken is newer although it’s the pro version not VS. I’ve actually used both and they feel good (SSF is heavier, SFX has more room for the left hand). I can get them at the same price so for the vets out there, which is the ultimate better choice?

The best choice is the one that feels most comfortable to you…that’s pretty much all I would go by.

I agree but wondering which one has the better parts or are they the same?

I think they are the same Sanwa parts, I would go with the SSF4 TE cause the SFxT pro stick just doesn’t grab me, wait to see what the others say… or… make the choice yourself.

It depends on what you want. If you want a heavier retail stick, go with the TEs. If you want a lighter stick with smaller artwork, go with the xT stick.

why is the TE heavier? I thought maybe better quality?

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