Which guilty gear should i get?

Guilty Gear X2 for PS2 or Guilty Gear X2#R for Xbox?:wonder:

GG1 for PSX.

j/k #R ftw

Reload would be the best bet.

close thread

Reload, definitely.

ill go for #R then and thanks for the replies. although im not a big fan of the xbox controls for fighting games.

another question is that did they nerf Eddie in #R?

heh, no eddie is god among men in #r, i also recommend converters for playing on xbox

lol ill just get use to the xbox controller

They did, but he’s still godtier. He went from easy double unblockables to slightly harder double unblockables.

Damn, whats with all the GG threads? Gah, I guess this is a good thing.

Anywayz, #R would be your best bet but don’t forget that Slash (the latest one) is hitting consoles April 2006 (hopefully sooner).

More info at http://www.dustloop.com or http://www.romancancel.com

are you forrealz slash is coming in April?!? i might skip #R and wait for Slash:wow:

Slash right now is JPN PS2 only, so unless you have a modded PS2, PS2 with harddrive, fliptop, slide card or they announce a X360 port and you have that, then that’s the only way to play Slash. And of course, the arcade board.

is there going to be an American release?

Guity Gear X2 for PS2.

Do you want to buy or trade for the used copy I have? I don’t like it and it’s been sitting here in room unplayed for like over a year now.

For the PS2 probably not, but if there is a X360 port, then maybe for that.

no its ok, ill just buy a new copy of #R. Thanks anyways:tup:

Get a stick. GG is nigh unplayable without it. Even a shitty MAS pelican stick works wonders. That said xbox controls>ps2 controls. For some reason, I can’t Potemkin Buster on x2 on ps2 pad, but I can with #r on xbox controller.

while this may be so for you, guilty gear seems to have more pad players than any other game

i also heard theres a bunch of latency problems on Xbox live, is this true?

WTF, Slash isn’t out for PS2 in JPN (only for beta, not the official copy).

Unless you can link me a place where I can download it, PM me? :wonder:

But yeah, Slash won’t come out until April 20th 2006.