Which game push you too buy your next gen console

hello everyone i`m just a bit curious , what game is pushing you too go buy the next gen console,
in my case a most all new fighting game are in pc mkx sf5 killer instinct ect , so for now ,i dont see any reason for me too throw 500$ on a new gen console , the only game will make me buy a ps4 or xbox is virtual fight 6 , thank you :slight_smile:

btw sry for my poor english

I think Virtual Fight 6 is already out-

MGS V, it was the last time I will be lied too by a god damn spec wearing asian!

Even though they arent out yet, Shenmue 3 and SFV influenced me towards PS4.

I had the original Xbox and Xbox 360, so I was torn between X1 and PS4.

However some factors swayed me to Sony.

  1. Confirmation of Shenmue 3 and SFV being only on Sony consoles, not X1.
  2. hTe Xbox 360 got RROD on me. It was the only console in my life that ever died on me so I have a minor grudge against MS for that.
    3)I have never owned a Sony console and wanted to play games like Uncharted et al that were sony exclusives.

I only want Halo5, since I’m getting Shenmue on PC I don’t think a single game is enough of a reason to spend that sort of money.

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After the Dreamcast died,it had the shenmue 2 and jsrf so that was my reasoninh.

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

No regrets



Keep telling yourself that to maintain dat OG status. But in reality, you were one of those dudes who bought it to play Halo with a bunch of drunk white dudes. Then when Halo 2 came around, you bought XBL so you could experience the progenitor days of little white kids using racial slurs.

Destiny PS4

i`m really not sure to spend 500$ for xbox or ps4 and after buy a bunch of accessory for maybe only 3 or 4 good title and play this game in low fps compare too buy a 500$ fat video card on my pc :slight_smile: anyway pc have a most all fighting game and fighting stick and have a lot better fps and better graphique , the only fighting game is always console exclusives is virtual fighter
no choice to buy a console for vf6 but is still not on the market

You are better off with a pc since most of these console games are trash and get pc ports anyway. Can’t wait to build a monster pc so my wack ass ps4 can just be for watching shows. They can keep all their shitty free indie games and Tim schafer related trash. Pc got free to play games that shit all over regular games and unlike ps4 if I want to be bastard I can pirate a bunch of shit.

Having a Dreamcast also influenced me to get a Xbox for Shenmue and JSRF. I remember my Xbox being bundled with Sega GT and JSRF. I really got into MechAssault and Rainbow Six 3.

I got an Xbox One for Destiny.

PS4 for SFV.

1 question do you really like destiny or get a bit disappoint ?

I bought a ps4 because I wanted a gaming system with actual exclusives.

Not a multimedia machine that happens to play video games.

People like to bitch about Destiny for lack of content, but in all honestly I’ve put over 1000 hours into it. It becomes addictive. And it is enjoyable, especially with friends. I do not regret playing it and though I’ve slowed down a lot lately, I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth and will buy the next installment.

I’m in the same boat as Chadouken

I did not follow Destiny during its development, so my expectations were not sky high. I like the “loot and shoot” genre and grindy games in general, so Destiny was a good fit for me.

I also had a lot of friends to play it with, which really adds to the game. The first Raid was a really fun experience.

this game omfg:


free app turns my phone into a fucking controller omfg next-gen tech

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