Which console will we play SF4 & T6 on tournaments?

Many people say that Street Fighter 4 and Tekken 6 going cross-platform is a great thing and that it will greatly extend the community. More or less I can say we can doubt it but what came to my mind is a question, which will be tournament platform? Someone plays on XBOX360, someone on PLAYSTATION 3, everyone has their own controller, I can say a lot of players do have arcade sticks for Street Fighter and XBOX is not ok with random USB controllers like PS3 is.

How will this be solved? Universal lag-less converters provided for free on tournaments? Other ideas?

Probably the 360 because HD Remix is also coming out on it. So, basically they can play both games on the same console and save money.

PS3. Mr. Wizard already confirmed it.

I think tournies need a change in this regard. From what I’ve seen and experienced, the mess with converters and reconfigging with PS3’s just takes too damn long. Major tournies should provide controllers for people, and not allow for configging between matches if possible (nonstandard configged controllers shouldn’t be allowed)

This would cut down on all the delays, which add up, especially in long tournies.

Why is it that I’m always wrong?

^rhetorical question^

Why the ps3?

Because no one wants 360s RRoDing in the middle of a fucking tournament; because the 360 sucks

if you own a 360 and it hasnt red ringed by now then you’re fine.

you can say how much the 360 sucks but my games are 100% free. screw paying 68 dollars for games.

ps3, its better

It’s not that its better… Its just that RROD is a factor. Plus Microsoft are bitches about who uses what controllers on what console. While on the PS3 you could just use a convertor and, well, most people already have PS2 sticks.

I’ve got a ps2 controller converter for the 360, and RROD isn’t an issue with the new 360’s anyway.

It really should come down to 3 things, since I’d imagine the performance would be the same on both:

  1. Price
  2. Online experience
  3. Native controllers

In my view, the 360 wins on all three counts.

PS3 is open to any controllers so I would preffer it.

But I think Microsoft will make its tournaments and try to make X360 the standart.

^(sirblew)You make your explaination seem like the reason to buy a 360 over a PS3 not the reason why people would use one over the other in a tournament. Online play doesn’t come into consideration.

As for the person who said 360 will be the standard at Tournies because of STHD, the PS3 is getting it too, so I don’t believe that will be a factor.

I don’t think it really matters what they use for S4 or T6 because most tournaments have multiple systems running anyways for older games. The biggest factors will be how the games run on each system compared to the other as well as the controller ordeal. A majority of people use ps2 sticks with converters, I feel like that will be a big push for which system becomes the standard.

Probably because Evo has already allocated some ps3’s for Evo tournies, that and the controller issue.

What happens if sfIV on PS3 is a slightly faster than arcade but 360 matches the arcade speed?

ps3 and 360 are already arcade perfect so u wont have to worry bout that.and yea it will be on ps3 due to the fact evo staff already have ps3s for tekken and some other games.plus the controller thing.

I’m pretty sure tournaments will be on PS3, but a larger group of us SRK will be playing these games online on 360. I’d recommend buying one of the new Madcatz SF4 sticks for each system. Thats what I’m doing.

Also, order yourself a few ps2-gc converters if you want to join TvC tournaments.

Actually, it’s not just Evo. PS3 has become the tournament standard just about everywhere.

More than anything this is because it has more good converters. There is only one PS2-360 converter, and while it works great it is extremely expensive & rare; it also pisses off Microsoft, which could be an issue if you were a major seeking sponsorship. The PS3, on the other hand, had the Pelican & Real converters, and now the Inpin (much cheaper than anything else). Most of the community uses PS2 sticks, so this is a bigger advantage than anything the 360 can offer.

However, once the SF4 sticks come out, I could see more 360 tournaments happening. Particularly with SC4, since the PS3 version actually has slowdown on a couple stages.

pretty much the Ps3 because EVO not gonna waste money buying another system.

The RROD won’t happen unless someone turns the system of and then back on, i don’t think it happens during play. You guys can chill with the RROD excuse aight IMO.

they’ve used 360s in the past for DOA4 & VF5, not sure if they’ve sold them now or what. if they haven’t, that might actually be a pretty good idea, seeing as the only 360-exclusive fighters are like DOA4 and battle fantasia

The thing is despite people knowing this, it’s not like either console has a shortage of players, and quality players. You can get what you want. The problem is having to buy two controllers, which is a situation the major tournies could and should rectify.

(My suggestions: have controllers for each machine at the ready, not allow custom configs for time purposes. If you got a custom stick, you can have the buttons switched to arcade standard)

As for PS3, it’s a chicken and egg argument. I’d say if Evo said 360 was standard, other tournies would follow suit. Hell, if Evo said the Jaguar was standard people would be busting that shit out.