Which characters have the best anti-airs?

I’m trying to figure out who’s top tier

Sakura Cr. Fierce

Why’d you post a pic of Asuka for?

lmao… not sure but Julia’s DP has 4 frames of invincibility…all version…you just have to wait a little longer to AA opponents out of the air

juri’s cr.HP is awesome and ibuki’s j.HK is good aswell. both lead to crazy damage

as far as BEST… i dot think anyone has played enough to know yet besides there are lots of things to consider when it comes to AA:

how much damage it does or leads to.
how much priority it has.
how easy it is to use.
is it god against crossups

giefs lariat is waaay up there for priority and ease of use and beats crossups for free.

other moves that are good for different reasons but all of these have really good priority when spaced correctly:

rolento st.mp
rufus cr.mp
ibuki B+MP
juri cr.hp
marduk L dp (crushes all jump attacks from frames 1-7 or 9 iirc, startup is 6 frames) though can be somewhat hard to use cause it hits somewhat high in the air meaning that it kinda has to be done early.

and more…

no one an really say who has THE BEST AA at this point in time… my friend has a 400 damage combo from juris AA. ibuki has some good damage from hers et etc.


King’s f+PP vs divekicks

Ogre’s Ancient Power. Invincible + beats x-ups. Don’t think he has follow ups though.

For some reason they decided that a game with no antiair was a good idea.

This is a myth. They just reduced priority/invuln on anti-airs so that they have to be used carefully. Don’t forget youget a combo off a counter-hit anti-air, so in some ways it was necessary.

I don’t really like what they’ve done, though. Zangief’s lariat is still good at anti-air but I’m finding that it whiffs/gets beat out by some crossups.
Hugo’s EX Backbreaker is amazing at this.

Guile and Dhalsim still have their SF4 anti-airs IMO.

Not true at all, Juri has a balling Anti-air and she can combo off it for an easy 300-350+ damage meterless, they couldn’t make anti-airs THAT good in a juggle heavy game where you can die off 3 solid hits.

Yeah the sf cast can get away even though they nerfed dps and the hitboxes on everything, but the tekken cast got the short stick on the anti-air department. I think only hworang and maybe nina have good anti-airs.

Apparently both players jumping around randomly trying to score air counter hits is a good system.

This is also a myth. Lili has a ton of anti-air options. s.MK, df+HK (which gets a juggle and easy 300+ damage), an air throw and her counter works on jump-ins. King’s AA counter beat jump-ins and DPs clean. Jin has his flying kick and command parry. Not lookin hard enough.

I find Lili’s 3HK to be amazing at times.

Edit: thats funny//\

Lily. Df.RH. very good hitbox, but since she steps forward its only good for farther jumps. Launches and allows for full combos. Would be great but the animation is deceiving in it’s a range.

Since when are Gouken-type counters considered legit antiairs?

Sakura cr.hp is still solid. DPs don’t seem to work well at all against crossups, I haven’t found many reliable ways to AA obvious crossup attempts at neutral outside of jump back fierce or the like. Even then, if they do their crossup earlier you eat a CH and a juggle, so that seems unsafe too.

Guess it’s just my luck that every character that i have some interest in is terrible anti-airing. Law, steve, jin (flying kick only works if you preemptively expect the jumpin and parry loses to empty jumps and late jump in), asuka and even kazuya (maybe if i can do wgf fast from a crouching position sigh)

Well they don’t leave characters with no tools to deal with jump ins. Those characters might not have legitimate anti-airs but they have some solid air-to-airs, plus for the most part those characters can step away from jump ins, not sure about Law, dude is too cartoony and not the Law I remembered from the Tekkens I used to play for me to do heavy research on him. He does have some swag combos though so I might change my mind

Plus backdashes are invincible for 8 frames IIRC.

Asuka’s back flip kick isn’t a reliable AA?