Which characters are best for absolute beginners?

I just bought Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition of Steam and I’m new to the Street Fighter games and fighting games in general. My question is if there are some characters that are more beginner friendly than other and if there are, who are they?

So far I’ve only played Juri and have tried my best to learn and master her combos. Is she considered to be beginner friendly or am I best off learning another character first?

Play who you want, but I suggest Ryu as he is the most standard character who has all the tools you need to win. After you learn Ryu to the core fundamental level, either keep him or switch to somebody whom you like. I personally like Cody, Ken, and Sagat. You play who you want though.

Ryu; he is specifically designed for beginners.

As a relatively new Juri player myself, I’d say it’s really hard to win with her. It’s easy to get her fundamentals and basic offensive pattern going, but once you get knocked down it’s really hard because you have to have good defenses to get back to a neutral position. It’s up to you though, I still find her really fun and once you start getting really good with her, the wins are so satisfying.

I must be doing something wrong 8[

@ OP:
For a beginner friendly char that also teaches you the game: Ryu
If you’re hardcore and actually want to learn about fundamentals etc asap: Rose

Juri is very difficult. I started out with her myself - so it’s definitely possible, and if you like her, just go along with it - but it’s a hassle.

Generally, learning combos (aside from a very basic punish) isn’t half as important as learning “the game”, as in Anti Airs, not to Jump, ranges on your normals and when to use them, etc.

I’d say one of the charge characters like Guile, Balrog, or Honda are much easier than Ryu.

However, they don’t really teach the different parts of the game as well as he does.

Yeah, you also have a really easy time playing Bison and fullscreen Headstomping all game. But it doesn’t really teach you anything. Ryu is a better choice for that.

Bison wasn’t a choice.

OP asked for easy characters that are easy to pick up and play.
All these characters are easy to use, easy to combo with, teach solid footsieing and anti-airing, etc.

Correct. I specifically didn’t mention him.

honestly when i started playing i found charge characters to be much simpler. But if you like juri and you do good with her i would suggest her :D.

I Suggest you to try a grappler, like Zangief or T-Hawk. They have high stamina and stun ratings and you don’t have to learn complex combos to do a good amount of damage.

Ryu, because not only is he in almost every capcom fighting game, but almost every game has a Ryu clone in the game. Keep learning Juri, though because Juri’s big strength is her normal moves because almost all her specials are unsafe, you will get a better grasp of spacing and footsies.

I definitely suggest Ryu because after you master his moves, you will be able to play a lot of other characters, since the majority use qfc/srv in their specials.