Which Character Should I Use?

I’ve had injustice for a few months now, and I still suck at it. However, due to research and advice, I’ve decided to find a specific character to practice with. The only problem is that I can’t decide on one. I’ve narrowed it down to The Flash, Nightwing, Batman, Green Arrow, Superman and Green Lantern. I’m looking for a character who has a good rushdown technique, but also a good keepaway game if necessary. Any help in making this decision will be greatly appreciated.

My advice is not just for Injustice, but to all the fighting games you play.

I have to watch you play to decide any decision, because it’s like choosing a car without testing it. Above anything, is the character you feel confortable in any controller and fighting situation.

I play with all of those characters you mention before, but all of them excel on things the other can’t.

Ex. With the Flash I win the most matches online because of his quickness, Nightwing is my best character for surprising the others with wake ups attacks, Batman is my worst character because of his hit points and complex combos, Superman is my second best characters specially in long range attacks and combo maneuvers (have a 58% combo with him), Green Lantern is my best character for anti-air attacks, and Green Arrow have a great balance both in close combat and long-range.

Aside from winning or losing, I feel better with Superman, because is a character that is a jack of all trades and master of none but I feel confortable with him.

I hope this helps you a little at least…