Which button combinations do you use for Tenko and Orochi?

I play on pad and it’s REALLY hard to consistently do Tenko into Orochi on the left side. I do qcf+lk then hp for Tenko, qcf+lk then down+hp for Orochi.

I play on a 6 button pad.

I do qcf+lk and piano all the punch buttons by sliding my thumb to the right (from lp to hp). For orochi I do qcf+hk and roll my thumb from hk to hp.

the input for the orochi is 23632 mk lp

Plink the mk into lp

If you just get a dash forward after your tenko but no orochi you’re doing it too soon

If you get an orochi after your tenko but it doesn’t connect you’re doing it too late.

Apparently people have been doing this since beta but I had to rediscover it myself. I didn’t see it anywhere in here at least…