Which assist partners work well with Shuma?

Like I said previously, I used him a LOT in MvC2 and Doom’s Rocks worked well with shuma (block stun long enough to get CD’ed) however in this game, Doom’s Hidden Missile assist is too good. I tried earlier with Doom’s Molecular shield and it still works (block stun) it’s just faster and your timing has to be on point. With that being said, I think Dorm’s Dark hole and Chun’s leg’s assist works better if your trying to use block stun set ups.

As for cross over assists, I dont know yet. what do you guys think?

Right now, I’m experimenting with Shuma with both Wesker & Dormammu. Shuma’s Ray is GREAT for both. Wesker probably only helps for unblockables & OTG relaunches without using Mystic Ray or explosions. I also am using Dark Hole assist and it helps Shuma for block stuns.

From what I’ve gleaned so far through practice, Shuma’s combos can do a lot more damage if you have an OTG assist to relaunch with

And personally, I’ve been rather enjoying Hyper Grav shenanigans with Shuma, throw setups, combo extension, easy CD set ups etc.

Basically, an OTG assist, and (depending on what you plan on doing with him) a cover assist and/or or a zoning assist are big helps

i’m thinking about using him in place of sent on my team and doing captain america shuma wesker

not sure which assist quite yet from shuma though… any ideas?

i was thinking mystic stare but the more i mess with it the more i’m just sad that it doesnt’ stick to them like the actual move does lol that would lead to some AWESOME combos =(

i like the both a and y - i’d probably end up with a rather than c (the otg is to slow for almost everything i could use it for but oh well)

i feel like the y assist might be good for pressure but the a assist with captains cartwheels and weskers teleports will be harder to block because of the nature of the move, depending on spacing it’ll hit you at different times


I have been thinking about Doom/X-23/Shuma. Plenty of otg options, unblockable setups, seems like Doom and Shuma could lame it out and zone if they needed to.

But I’m thinking if Shuma is on point things aren’t going to work that well. Hidden missiles are always good, and ankle slicer is good for the unblockables, but Shuma feels like a beam assist would help him out greatly.

Still trying to figure out how best to play Shuma though. Seems like once it is established exactly what kind of character he is(Zoning,Rushdown, etc.), then it will be easier to pick assists. Because in training mode, everyone is rushdown for me!

I’ll mess around some more when I get back home from work. Fuckin’ work /sigh

P.S. @ Jprem: Is that COF lyrics in your sig? Seems familiar to me.

Why yes, yes it is, it’s the chorus of Cemetery and Sundown :smiley:

I’m a big Cradle fan… I listen to their Midian album all the time lol (it’s a shame Dani’s voice keeps like… deteriorating with each album)

And I’m officially in love with Shuma + Hyper Grav, he can grab, call Mags, and :l: Mystic Ray into whatever the hell I want… With Hulk’s Gamma Wave assist I was able to (in the corner) grab, :a1: (Mags), :d::u::l:, :m:, :s:, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, :a2:, :h:, :s:, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, :qcb::atk::atk: for around 520K, which is pretty sweet for a combo off a throw

In the corner you could probably use a multitude of assists instead of Hyper Grav, but Hyper Grav works off the throw midscreen too…

I’ll let this thread die.
But yeah Midian is the first album of thiers I ever heard. Blew my mind. I had never been confused by music before but between screams, growls, opera singers, thrash metal, and symphonic elements, I had no idea what was going on. It was the first time I felt challenged by music. Also I thought for sure there were 3 or 4 singers in the band ha ha.

Ok just thought I should reply so people don’t think I’m rude >.>

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lol, it’s all good dude, and I’m not surprised, Midian is probably their most popular album (but deservedly so). It’s a shame the band keeps getting increasingly commercialized, but their first album “The Principal of Evil Made Flesh” is fuggin awesome too, if a little unpolished, and Dani Filth just has a huge vocal range, so I can understand thinking their was more than one (though there’s obviously a female backup vocalist, he’s not THAT good, lol)

Lol, got WAAAAAAY off topic from the OP, I could just talk about music for hours on end so it’s kinda compulsive at this point, my bad xD

And yeah, this thread’s topic is easily coverable in the Team Building thread, so it’s existence is kinda redundant now… <.<

IMO he needs something to cover and/or zone to even be remotely effective.
the OTG assist stuff is great but how are you hitting anything if you can’t get in and if you get destroyed with a rushdown plus good assist??

he needs a get the fk off me assist.

That’s not that difficult, there’s a multitude of stupidly good gtfo and zoning assists in this game, take your pick, see what works…

Two Words Senpu Bu.

Hsien Ko is a good assist with Senpu Bu and i’ve been using her but you have to sometimes put her on point depeding on the opponents your facing. This means learning to play her effectivly, zoning and keepaway. Suprisingly good anti Wolverine with her instant back air dash j.H.

The goal is to get her Hyper Armor asap and as safely as possible while calling in your main Shuma. With the threat of Senpu Bu Hyper Armor. Opponents will be scared to fight up close and they will lose momentum allowing you to zone in closer and back up in a corner (Just play it safe). If you feel your in trouble with rushdown just call her and they will either stop and block or get hit entirly, Best thing since it’s hyper armor, getting snapped back in is not too bad because if they try for a mix up you just need to start her bread and butter and hit them in the middle of their combo or go for a snap back of your own!

I guess a more cheap get off me move would be Akumas Tatsu or Bonns Gustaff Fire but what fun is in that?

Lot’s of possibilities and im doing better with this team. Try Hsien Ko, you won’t be disappointed.

I wonder if Trons Fire would help but it helps everyone so ya, hmmm Wesker helps I believe so I have to pick him up, I play Doom but idk if I want him in im not sure Im maybe thinking Shuma,Wesker, and Hulk but im just shooting in the dark

Does dormammu / phoenix work well with shuma? wanna make team GOD , the 3 most godliest chars thats playable in this LOL

I’m liking a Wesker B/Shuma Y/Dante A team.

Shuma benefits greatly from having Jam Session control space, plus Weskers OTG assist gives Shuma plenty of OTG opportunities and unblockables.

Mystic Smash also gives Wesker and Dante a nice lockdown assist which has the added effect of being placed further out when in the corner, giving it more range.

SO my current shuma on point team is Shuma/spencer/sent. Sent assist gives you lots of times for mixups and teleport defence so on and so on. I plan to run wolvie/spencer/shuma in future but I’ve not gotten down my safe times while in match(when its safe to use a punishable move because of mystic ray assist).

Typically I run slant shot on spencer to try and catch spam jumpers but mostly to combo off wolvie’s air grab. Recently I experimented with spencers armor piercer /love with shuma. I run a basic combo with shuma that nets me about 380k mid screen 570k corner, but with spencer assist its a different story. If the combo won’t end in the corner, I can use his assist to easily combo into hyper mystic smash and since it connects full screen you can combo hyper mystic smash into a mystic ray(barely any damage but its funny). If i’m in the corner spencer easily takes on 40-50k extra damage to my usual combo. With his assist my midscreen combo does about 460-500k and corner one does about 600k all of these off any aerial or air mystic smash or any jab.

Spencer also makes a strong dc for damage and to hurt someone who tries to punish his post super poses. I can do the hyper mystic smash combo above and dhc it into spencer’s bionic manuevers for around 650k for 2 meters. Another plus to the midsreen hyper mystic smash combo is that it is basically a gaurantee the opponent will end up really close to a corner.

In case anyone wonders I do not use the rather tricky/complicated mystic stare combos and I rarely use the :h: up :h: loops in a match cause they are really hard to do when factoring in my assist hitting them or possible multiple hits taken from aerials to reduce hitstun and getting the correct puase between c.m and c.h (different based upon how close you are). I use the basic c.:l: c.:m: c.:h: :s: j.:m: j. heavy mystic smash land :l: (this attack can be cut out in alot of cases) :m: :h: and here is where i insert his assist since the multi hit :h: gives lots of time for the assist. I think this same kind of assist can be used to make non corner ending super combos with several assists. For instance I think i can use berzerker barrage on wolvie here and do a Hyper mystic stare for good damage cause it keeps them grounded(I can connect this super off spencer but it only htis like 2-3 times for very little damage). I think if people are looking for way to incoperate assists into shuma combo’s not in corner this is a good combo to do it with.

BTw if you are seriously considering making shuma your main man and want to build a team around him. You need one of a handfull of assists. iron man/hulk /doom/magneto/storm/modok/taskmaster/lei-lei/phoenix. Basically shuma has a hard time breaking strong zoning, things like task/doom or trish/sentinal wsker/ironman etc. This options give you an assist tha can be called out while being zoned and stop the zoning or give you a hole to approach. Lei-Lei will absorb projectiles for you and phoenix will prolly force opponent to come to you.

I’m thinking Dog - cold star/ Shuma - mystic ray/ Phoenix - tk overdrive

Cold Star can pin them down for lvl 3 and it can extend combos

Mystic Ray to go with paper and cold star zoning

My current team is Chris/Haggar/Shuma.

Chris does phenomenal chip damage, even as an assist, and due to Shuma’s speed can remain relatively safe as long as you keep the pressure on. Haggar’s Double Lariat maintains Shuma’s safety when he’s on defense against heavy rushdown characters as well as sets up combos for him by holding opponents hit with OTG Mystic Ray.

I’ve had a lot of success with it the combo – I was debating dropping Haggar for Hsien Ko, though – but all of the members seem more or less solid when they have each other for support.

I’ve been playing around with Ammy (Bloom)/Hsien (Senpubu)/Shuma (Ray)

Ammy at the beginning is to Okami Shuffle>Rimokon> tag to Shuma, then he has the armored Senpubu to, well, do anything he could possibly need it to and Bloom to quickly get bar for Chaos Dimension. It’s a pretty well rounded team, Shuma seems beast on rushdown, Hsien is obviously good for zoning and Ammy can of course do anything. And if I get real sassy, Veil of Mist dhc to Chaos Dimension is pretty hilarious for watching opponents frantically trying to run away in slow motion.

Ammy cold star is great for him too either as a combo extender, or if it hits on it’s own, he can easily dash up and start a free cr.M cr.H combo. I’m using Ammy (cold star), Shuma (mystic ray), Phoenix (shot). Ammy and Shuma both love eachother’s assists and build meterless combos for phoenix.

Hsien’s Senpubu (gold) and Shuma in a corner makes it a near-unescapable blockstring IIRC, just TK every mystic smash after senpubu.

I play Arthur and Tron with him, because Shuma’s assist makes Arthur pretty decent, usually brings airborn opponents down far enough to eat a projectile.