Which 6-button pad do you use for PC version of AE?

just asking because i’m planing on purchasing AE on PC but i only got an old PS2-like pad, and since there hasnt been any late release of new 6 button PC pads, i wonder what you guys play with?

is Saitek planning on releasing new models of those ?

Whenever I use a PC 6 button pad, I use a SLS PC Saturn 6 button pad.

The madcatz 360 one is what I did use for a while - ended up going for a TE, so would use that these days.

but the madcatz 360 has a 4 button layout, i’m talking of 6 button ones… anyway i didnt know there were TE for PC

its kind of strange there aren’t new 6 button pads out for the release of AE, how are you supposed to play it decently ?

I dunno, there’s quite a few Madcatz 6 button pads at my local Gamestop, and there are those new PDP 6 button pads, if you like the microswitch click sensation.

you talking of fightpads like the ones for 360 and PS3 ? if so, i’m not sure there’s a PC version of these

I used a Moddifed SNES pad for my PC game pad playing

360 pads are compatible with all PCs, and third-party PS3 pads are as well. You can also get the official Sony PS3 pads to work as well, but you’ll have to find drivers on your own.

i wasn’t aware of that, i’ll try it, thx

Saitek p990. cheap and effective.
sega saturn pad for pc is good too

yeah pity they dont make them anymore, nor the p880

i wonder what Saitek’s thinking, really

Pdp Marvel Versus pad. Works like a charm. They make them PS3 and 360 now and without the Marvel artwork.

I use a TE and a Madcatz SSFIV PS3 PAD… No drivers, just plug and play on the pad.

I use a Saturn controller paired with a RetroKit. http://www.retrousb.com/product_info.php?cPath=25&products_id=50

Saturn USB pad off eBay, though the ones there now are apparently dire quality.

Hori are bringing this out next month:
Fighting Commander 3 pro
Could try that, it’s cheap.