Wheres the marvel scene near northern MA?

Moved recently to Lowell, wondering [S]whens[/S] wheres marvel

Do i gotta go down to new york? lol

There’s nothing in Lowell that I know of. Although of note you are right where the Souper Bowl used to be. That venue’s dead now unfortunately.

You don’t have to go as far south as NY to get games though, that’s insane. Let’s dial it back a bit. The three main venues for Massachusetts are Game Underground in Framingham, Ultimate Gaming Spot in Dedham, and Brain Box in Jamaica Plain. Here are the respective threads for those venues:

There’s also a thread for western Mass, which doesn’t have a venue associated with it exactly, but people certainly post there so I’ll include that for completeness’ sake:

Don’t ask me why there’s four different threads for one state, and a tiny state at that. I’m not in charge around here. If I was, things would be different. For one thing, Cheeseburger wouldn’t be able to post.


I actually help run a fight night in Lowell every Thursday night at the University in McGauvrin Hall on South Campus. It’s a pretty small group now but we’ve been growing steadily over the semester. We play a bunch of different games, but AE2012 and UMvC3 are the two biggest ones. We’re on hiatus for now since the school is out for winter break, but we’re starting up again in a few weeks. It should probably be by January 24th. It’s on the second floor of the building, they have a bunch of TVs and game consoles set up for us to use so it’s easy to find. Feel free to bring your own setup as well. We start around 6pm and go until around midnight. Anyone who reads this is more than welcome to PM me or send me an IM for more details since the more the merrier in my eyes.


yeah i went there w/ oneeyedwilly