Wheres the Akuma match up's?

I thought there would be a thread on here for Akuma match up’s like what combo’s you should do how to approach the match up instead of just the little shit in the threads

Maybe check the stickies?
That has all the matchup info you need for every character…there’s info on Offense, Defense, Option Selects, Guaranteed Demon Setups…there’s an Akuma Combo Thread, that might possibly be the place to look for Akuma combos. And Akuma video thread. And lastly there’s all of the info at the tips of your fingers with this magical little thing right here:


You may probably ask me why I have such great knowledge of this forum. Truth is, I’m not even an Akuma player. I have just focused and honed my power to check stickies over the course of nearly 300 seconds.