Where's all the players at?

Hi, I’ve been playing CvS2 for a couple years.
What I notice is there are NOBODY around my local arcades nowadays.

I heard Ricky Ortiz and John Choi go to this one guy’s house cause he owns the machine.

I’m from San Jose, California.
I really want to know where to find locations where hella people play the CvS2 arcades.

I don’t see much around San Jose Goftland anymore.
So, it’s in my best hopes to find a location where lots of people play.

If any of you guys know please tell me.

I dont know where HELLA people play anymore with SFIV out. The place i think you are referring to is Keystone, where you should probably talk to Albert_c for that.

I personally play at Milpitas Golfland…the comp isnt so great but the deals are nice every Wednesday and Thursdays. That and its close to where i live. Theres a head to head, and a giant cab there. If you feel like going to MGL let me know lol, lets have some fun.

While theres also another place like Sunnyvale Golfland, the comp is more fierce there imo, just too far for me to go all the time. Get a giant cab there. Other than that SJSU? If you live in SJ theres alot of choices to make.

I’m going to goftland tomorrow :smiley:

What time you wanna meet up?
I love going to arcade mania but I never see much players there.

Is the place Keystone near the store Big 5?

Hmm i am definitely going today with a friend, i am not sure if i can make it tomorrow. Can give you a PM if i am however.

I don’t really know where Keystone is, should probably PM Albert if you are really interested :slight_smile:

Had some nice matches with you and Chris today man.
Let’s meet up again sometime in the near future.
I was really happy I met you guys :slight_smile:

Freakin’ wooped my ass 23-1.
Every game was worth the experience boost though :slight_smile:

Someone should pick me up and play CvS2 at their place. Only if Bronson did that but he’s lazy.

Yeah good games dude, i had fun playing with you. Keep up that Rock man, it can be mad scary. :smiley:

Hey Lion, where were you last night? (friday)
I came to Milpitas Goftland last night and played hella people. it was a blast
I got owned out the ass by P-ChunLi girl again… damn her

but I beat some other guys pretty well too
I might go again today. are you?

People still play CvS2 at MGL? Maybe I’ll drop by some time.

oh yeah they do
there was HELLA people on Friday.
I suggest you come on Fridays ^^

Go to Milpitas Golfland on Friday and Saturday Nights starting at 8pm people are there playing CvS2. You might catch me there randomly…I will be playing S-GROOVE owning the machine…Yezzzur !

Lol damn this is what i get when i dont check SRK everyday. I was at a friend’s house on that day so i was not able to make it.

You don’t wanna fuck with Lexi man lol, she is pretty good on P Groove. I might drop by Friday if i am not busy(Saturday is a birthday party :frowning: ). So i hope to play you again Extravagant. Dr B! I would really want to play your S Groove! Where do you usually play man? Get some game on! o.o

I’ll come by a friday to SVGL sometime.

Wow an east bay thread.
Can’t wait to get back from Dubai and test out Dr.B’s S-Groove again
----your disciples were beginning to piss me off lol

Wow hmmm maybe i will stop by this friday…
I wonder if i can still compete in this game…

Dude, it’s cool, you’ll probably be better than I ever was in this game hahah.

I’m going to be there tonight around 6 or 7, until closing time. Hope to see you guys there :slight_smile:

Fuck man…i dont have a ride…parents took all the cars…>_<

Next time then…when you all going? Let me know how it went!

EDIT: This is now the new MGL thread lol

omg i just went today
I saw Lexxi. i couldnt beat her >:o
but I beat her Mr.Sagat boyfriend guy. TWICE!
I beat his team, then he went lvl 4 Sagat on me, and I STILL beat him

if it weren’t for you Lionx, I would NOT have learned the K-Groove style I learned from you
Oh yes, my Rock still has his tosses

there was HELLA people there today.
every Fridays around 6-7 o clock is BEST time to go.
literally over 10 challengers.

I lost to some cheap RCers, punks

everyone jumped from cvs2 to sf4 :stuck_out_tongue: