Where to purchase a new net city overlay?

I purchased a control panel and it needs a new overlay.


This is the panel here. I do have a card reader for it. Do I need a net city overlay or will any Sega one do?

I believe the the button layout are adjusted differently on certain on Sega layouts but the panel size is the same accept for the Sega Lindbergh panel that is square panel. So if you find the panel design you like you can summit it to game on grafix without the layout and just cut the holes yourself just to be on the safe side. I know the Start button is located in a diffrent location on a lot of the Sega panels. You don’t have to have the card reader but depending on how strong the lament is you might want to JB Weld a small piece of sheet metal to block the hole so you don’t accidentally indent the lament with your elbow or something



My work in progress below :smiley:


Is that who you got yours from? I can’t find it on there.

No mine is the original art yeah I think they only have the 2p blast city one on file so you will need to find the design you want and summit it to them
They have some original Astro 1p art but their pricey

Also Arcade Forge offers a plexi for Sega Panels so You can just go with a regular printed art locally and use their plexi to protect it

Any Sega original overlay should fit the stick and action buttons, but probably only the Net City and New Net City overlays will have the hole for the start button on the left side and the hole for a card reader on the right side. The others will have the start button on the right side and nothing on the left, though if the start button on the overlay is within the card reader hole on the panel you could of course cut new holes yourself and have it look good (assuming there is not a logo or something on the left side where the start button goes!).

Unfortunately AFAIK the single player New Net City overlay is just a grey version of the Net City. It doesn’t have the reflective properties of the two player panel and rest of the NNC kit, not even an NNC logo up in the corner (just the Sega logo).

Anyone have a file for the artwork template? Nether can print one. I have found some pictures but no actual template.

are you looking to use a plexi or summit it to get a lament made?

I don’t want to use a plexi. I need a psd or similar file to send to have the vinyl printed.

What you need to do is to tape 3 pieces of paper together. Take the panel and face it face down over the paper, so the mounting plates are facing up. then trace the panel over the paper. Where the separate sections of the panels meet, draw lines acroos the seam so you can align them. Once you trace the panel separate the papers then scan it in. Once you scan it in, stitch the image back together. Use those lines you drew over the seams to help you align it. Once you go the 3 scans stitched together proper, Flip the whole thing over, because you traced it backwards.

Here is an example panel template I had to make from scratch. Of course it is smaller for forum viewing.