Where to make ur own server for kailera?

I curently am on Kaillera all the time with MAME. And I hate the fact that i cant get into some servers or they are full. I would really appretiate if someone could tell how and were to get or make my own server. Thanks ahead of time. :karate:

download the server exe
run it <-- also edit the config file it makes, and make it a private server if you want

enter your ip in kaillera to connect

now im having problem. it cant read the edit file when i try and open it

the kaillera.conf wont run cause my comp cant read it?

You open it with notepad or similar program.

thanks fatherbrain u helped out a bunch man. I got it solved now. But in the end it turns out i cant use it cause i got wireless :stuck_out_tongue: