Where to get an arcade stick in the UK?

I had a fun read through the sticky on arcade sticks but when it comes to actually locating one, I’m having a bit of difficulty.
Mad Catz TE for the 360 don’t seem to exist here any more. The Qanba Q4RAF from Play Asia doubles in price once you factor in shipping too.

have just had a look around myself and have no idea why the prices have gone through the roof all of a sudden…madcatz have stopped making them? or the UK are low on stock in general? i have now idea as ive had both my stick for a while now both for 100 quid. Best answer i can give you though is to get WWE All Star Brawlstick which is at shopto going for 49.99 (which is basically the SF SE stick) and put in decent parts in which are dirt cheap (roughly 20-25 quid for stick buttons total) BUT if you have the money to spend amazon seems like they have some sticks left TE ones but averaging in price from £150 to £190

That is my exact experience. I can’t find stock anywhere apart from where it’s currently going for £150 instead of £100. I don’t feel like paying 50% more for the same stick.

on one of the recent team spooky streams, markman happened to be answering all questions asked. i asked why cant i find a TE or TE S anywhere in UK. he totlly ignored me and answered everyone else. i guess madcatz only care about their US market. its out of stock everywhere in the UK

That’s really odd. I think I’d even settle for the SE at this point. If you can’t find a Mad Catz, what do you go for? :confused:

@Terry Bogarde
You are totally right. Why the Americans always gotta keep the British man down, right? :rolleyes:

Neo Empire is basically SRK for UK. Why don’t you try their buying/selling forum?
Selling and Wanted - Neo Empire Forum

Also, if you keep a watch on ebay, Round 1/2 TE’s go for around £50-£60 auction-wise. Far from the £150 they used to go for.
May be used, but still much cheaper than getting it imported. Sometimes you’re lucky and can find interesting things.

I got a dual-modded SE w/Sanwa parts for a mere £68 including P&P last year. It even came in a solid travel case. Bargain.
Neo Empire is good otherwise. Good luck!

Thanks, I’ll definitely check there out.

Hm, now that’s an idea. The Brawlstick that Mad Catz brought out can be fitted with Sanwa parts, no? :slight_smile:

you have no clue what youre talking about. 1st dont speak for me and start unnecassary crap. i never said “Americans always gotta keep the British man down”. i meant madcatz are putting their efforts in the US market(a proven profiting market), maybe its not viable to put the same amount of marketing dollars in UK where stuff is unproven. companies go down, lose millions due to this so i dont blame them if this was the case. i merely just stated a thought. the stick is out of stock everywhere here, yet in fluent supply over there. its not hard to do the maths.


  1. that section in neo empire is empty
  2. i want a new unused stick, not a 2nd hand one.

That’s right. And the Brawlstick has better parts than the SE if your wallet isn’t deep enough.

And Terry Bogarde - check ebay on a regular basis. If buying new really bothers you so much, you should just make yourself a custom one. Arcadeforge.de for the plexi, then something like gremlinsolutions for the parts. The TEs use durable arcade parts… unless you throw it off a roof or something, it’s quite difficult to break. Most stuff on ebay are from scrubs who played for a few days and gave up.

If you’re on 360, amazon.co.uk has the Hori VX SA for £129.

EDIT: It’s only the US market. The Canadian market doesn’t have any, either.

Sorry, but I wasn’t being serious. I made a joke based off of what your comment could be perceived as by others, when in reality, the thought of an American based company being racist to another because of their product’s specific region availability is just silly.

Just a thought here, but if you didn’t jump to conclusions often, you would have realized that there is a chance Markman did not respond to you because he could not see your messages in a chat swamped with mindless stream monsters, nor was he obligated to spend time doing a Q&A when he came to enjoy the stream itself.

If the forum is indeed empty, I apologize for misdirecting you. And I was not aware that you were only looking for a new stick either.

the neo empire selling forum appears empty, but if you sign up and go to the selling thread while logged in, you will be able to see threads, they dont make that clear, i had the same isssue of empty forum.