Where to find my saved ssf4 ae pc replay on my HDD?

Please help me out guy where do I find my ssf4 ae pc saved replay that in saved in the replay channel. I know you can save it in the game itself but I don’t know where to find it on my PC HDD.

I don’t want to say conclusively but I think if you found the replay you wouldn’t be too pleased. I suspect it is a data file that says stuff like 1,435.43,123.79,…

I doubt the video is stored as a rendered .mp4 or whatever, when you view the replay it will just be re-rendered from this data file. If it stored then as .mp4 or whatever your disk would get quite full and Capcom would need to pay a lot of money for bandwidth for people viewing replays.

My guess is, that it just saves the input data and resimulates the fight. Will figure this out :]

That is correct yeah. It just saves a list of events and replays them through the game engine as commands. There is no rendered watchable video or anysuch stored away automatically.

Where they’re stored, nfc. Wherever your player data is.

So Capcom gives us saved games on the xbox but no way to actually get an mp4/other media file out of it? This seems to be quite a big pain in the ass to me… who made that decision? How hard could it have been for them to just create a replay generator that we could provide our replay files to on a site or something so that we could get a replay?

Old thread, but this is the question I still want answered! Where can one find the saved replays from SSF4: AE PC? I’m looking to make a mod to the training room/replay mode. I can’t seem to locate it. I’ll keep looking, but if anyone already knows, please reply!


There will be another folder there… inside it will be files 1-255, those are the replays.

Small correction, it’s 0 - 299. Don’t know which ones are the battle log, mylist etc.