Where to buy very cheap arcade stick buttons?

This is my first post here, so hi to everyone.

I am building a custom arcade stick (like hitbox actually) and I got everything except buttons. Did not drill holes yet.
I am from Europe, so I am looking to order buttons somewhere in Europe since I dont want to wait weeks for delivery.
I am building a cheap one, because I want to try it out first and then I would plan to buy or make a bit more expensive one.
I guess I need 14 buttons? Possible to get it under 15/20 dollars?

What size should I go? Seems like 20mm (and 30 being thumb) is standard. But is 14 too small? Or 24/28 too big? And I dont think I need different size for thumb.

Anyway, looking for some suggestions and help.
Thanks everyone.

14 buttons for under 15/20 dollars in Europe?

I can’t get even cheap buttons for that amount in the US.
And the US market has much lower prices than Europe for arcade parts.

Damn, why are those buttons so expensive.

Ok, then US. Ebay something? I dont think I need some pro keys like those Sanwa.
I’ll probably buy Hitbox after my custom one. Or will make proper custom one.

What should I be looking for buttons? Like, how do I know what are bad ones to put in? Do I need some special buttons for games only?


I’m just trying to research and learn. Thanks for taking time to reply :slight_smile: . I appreciate any help.

Try adding the words Arcade to your search. None of those buttons that came up are suitable for arcade use.


Yeah Darksakul, I was searching for arcade buttons as well. I posted that link above just to show how many different buttons there are - how do I know in general if buttons are suitable for games?

Thanks for the link emphatic. I will take a look.
I might get buttons from US if its cheaper there. I guess those buttons cost a bit more than I expected (for buttons to cost xD).
I guess 20 bucks is kinda minimum.

Can I find a button under 2 bucks? 1.5 or something like that?

So is that 30 buttons 4 bucks? And shipping is 10 bucks for me.

If you don’t mind buying crap then you can get 24mm & 30mm buttons dirt cheap from Asia.

I dont know price ranges. I know that standard ones are about 2.5 to 3 bucks. Can I find solid buttons around 1-2 bucks?
Can someone tell me if what I posed on link above is worth or its pure crap?

@Gahrling already stated for buttons that dirt cheap you are going to get crap.
Getting good, quality arcade parts are not going to be cheap.

Having the really cheap Mainland Asia made arcade parts and the real authentic arcade parts side by side, you can really see the difference.
The differences between the two groups are like night and day, the cheap parts are going to ether feel like mush or feel gritty like someone poured sand inside, maybe they would squeaky.
And the worst part with these ultra cheap parts is the quality is going to be completely inconsistent, you can have two nearly identical knock off buttons and one will feel like mush and the other sounds like a cement mixer.

Now with actual authentic arcade parts, the action and movement is going to be silky smooth, the variation would be with the model or brand of parts used instead of every individual button.
The buttons will move smoothly, you feel and hear a satisfying click with the activation of authentic parts (with the exception of silent/silenced parts which has padding inside).

The comparison between the knock off and authentic parts are like driving a old beaten up Yugo compared to driving a well keep Royals Royce.
You really get what you paid for when you buy Arcade parts. Brand names aren’t an excuse to mark up the price but a guarantee on quality.

But if you really want to go on the cheap, go on and by those 30 buttons for 4 dollars. I see there 4 colors pictured but there no indication what colors you are going to get
Are you going to get a even near even amount of colors (30/4=7.5) or is the colors going to be a random selection. Another indicator that you are basically throwing your money away.
But it’s your money.

No, I get it Darksakul. Thanks for explaining it to me.
I was just wondering if there is anything else I could consider aside those buttons listed here: http://www.focusattack.com/buttons/
I think everyone would recomment one of these. Is there anything else I could consider? Are there any buttons around 2 bucks that are good?

And yes, I dont want stiff buttons… That is just terrible.

EDIT: What is different between those:

Are there any other types? Any better?

Also, what size should I be looking at? 16-24? 14 is too small? 28 too big? 20 is standard?

Reading this: http://www.tested.com/art/makers/464539-choosing-buttons-and-joysticks-custom-arcade-cabinet/

Well the first link is for American/European style arcade push buttons.
They are the most common in the US and Europe for Arcade machines from the 80’s and 90’s
Those cabinets are built from thick wooden paneling.

The 2nd one is for Japanese style buttons, designed to be set in thinner metal panels with the machine outsides made from plastic or fiberglass.

Although its funny Tested ended up quoting Slag Coin which over here in tech talk its required reading for the basics. And then we expand a pond it.

Where are you from? I´m from Portugal and usually I buy from herearcadeshop.de

I did:
"- Read Slagcoin.com. It will make you less dumb."

It was late and I didnt read properly through rules. Apology for that.

Ok, I’ll buy standard buttons and not some crap.
What am I looking for, 24mm of 30mm?

I’ll probably go with ones that screw.
I read this as well: http://forums.shoryuken.com/discussion/18346/

If I will need something else I will just ask in appropriate sticky topics.

Thanks everyone for the help! Learned a lot.

Croatia. Yeah, I have seen that site. Prices seems a bit higher than in other shops tho.

Well if you are doing hitbox style, its mostly 24mm buttons with the Up button being 30mm, but then Hitbox style is a deviation from what a standard joystick layout.

Croatia, what part?

Koprivnica, close to capital town Zagreb. Why do you ask?

Yeah. I dont like joystick. Want buttons as directional inputs. Arcade sticks are 30mm buttons?
I plan to use wood box, top part 6.5mm thin. Does it matter if I use snap or should I use screw buttons?

I’m looking at focusattack. Not sure about delivery there.
Was just testing to see delivery info, 12x sanwa snap 24mm buttons => 23.40$
Image of delivery options: http://gyazo.com/422b5251e1fcfa41ce2b707e55f7f192
Anyone care to explain these options? Or is it just top one? Coz that seems like free delivery? EDIT: or that seems like 23.40 is delivery alone xD. There is option to check. So it would cost me 50 bucks to order it from there.

Alternative might be this one: http://www.starcab.net/index.php?cPath=219_176
I think this is France. 2 euros snap sanwa button there.
6 euros delivery, I think: http://www.starcab.net/gv_faq.php?faq_item=2 . Or its 10. Not sure.
So far seems like cheapest option. Trying to find out what the price would be for me to get it. Looks around 30-40 dollars.

I got family over in Split.

For the delivery options the higher the cost the less the quicker it ships.
And what shipping company you want to go though.
Shipping times do not includes air craft and customs delays.

Looks like Star Cab might be your best bet.

I plan to use wood box, top part 6.5mm thin. Does it matter if I use snap or should I use screw buttons?
Coz if snap buttons will work I would buy those since cost less.

I suggest screw ins , as snap ions are intended for an exact thickness

What about this: https://www.akishop.jp/buttons/76-obsn-24.html# ?
This seems like lowest price.
Shipping is 870 yen, 7 dollars I think.
12 buttons would be 2280 yen. So its 3150 yen what is 25 dollars. Good price.
That shop link is listed on this site. What’s are the impressions on that shop? Should I buy it from there then?

2nd best I found is Starcab. Sent them email to see if they deliver to Croatia. Coz its not listed.

I think I will just continue to ask further questions here: Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

Thanks all :slight_smile: .

Thinking of buying buttons here: https://www.akishop.jp/buttons/76-obsn-24.html#/color-blue
11x linked above and 1x 30mm.
Might get 1 extra button for each.
I’m from EU, Croatia. Seems like delivery is only 8 bucks.

Was anyone buying there? Wondering what impressions are.

Also, what are drill holes for 24mm and 30mm? Those? Or larger?

I’ll continue posting here: Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)
Thanks all.