Where to buy sanwa and semitsu parts? need update help

sup playas n ho’s :bgrin:

can someone point me in the right direction to get these parts, some of the old links and sites no longer work

also can someone explain what a sanwa flash is? do they still make them? where can i get them?

and whats the difference between sanwa and semitsu parts? which is preferred and better?

I know these questions have prolly been answered, but would like that easy-ing helpin hand on this topic

thanks to all

you can buy it at akihabarashop.com or himuragames.com

the sanwa flash is an optical stick, like Happ’s p360, it’s not being produced anymore, but there’s a petition trying to convince them to produce again

about sanwa x seimitsu, seimitsu sticks have less dead zone, are more hard (I dunno if it’s the word, you need a bit more strength to move it). But sanwa got an octagonal restrictor.

Buttons: sanwa’s are softer.

It’s all about taste. Maybe if you can play in both, you can decide what fits you

thanks for the reply bro!

does seimitsu have an optical stick?

and who sells those semi to transparent buttons and joysticks?

people on the forums sell:

goleafsgoaz - seimitsu
ponyboy - sanwa

i highly recommend NOT DOING BUSINESS with himuragames


Don’t buy from Himuragames.

Check out the trading post forum for Ponyboy and Goleafsgoaz for sanwa and seimitsu parts.

Akihabarashop.com is by far pretty convenient if you are looking to buy sanwa and seimitsu parts together.

yeah i heard bad shitt about himuragames!

how do most people like sanwa flash sticks compared to sanwa switch sticks?

and does seimitsu have optical sticks or are they all switch too?

thanks again to all homeys that replied, this is gonna be my first time fiddling with jap parts, hopefully i find my “sweet spot” with the parts :bgrin:

Teach me Magneto and I’ll give you all the parts you want!!!

In all seriousness, Seimitsu doesn’t make an optical stick, just switches. Though it always comes down to personal preference, from what I understand you’re a Marvel player, right? You might like a Sanwa more than a Seimitsu but it really depends on what you’re used to. There is a lot of debate either way on the topic. Mizuki made a thread not too long ago that has some decent info on it. If you want really good information, you’ll get it from people like Mayhem and Paik, they both know more about this stuff than most people I’ve seen.

If you decide to go Seimitsu, let me know as I do deal in those parts only for now. Someday soon we’ll sell Sanwa … someday!

appreciate the info bro!

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well, I think akiharashop is closed for a little while, so check out www.lizardlick.com
if the other sellers can’t help you. They have super fast shipping.