Where to buy parts in Australia?

Hey guys, sorry if this has been asked a million times before, but I am looking at building a Fightstick for the first time, but have been struggling to find a vendor in Australia that sells more or less everything I need.

In particular, I can’t seem to source the PCB for it. More importantly, is there a brand or type that I should be looking for? The stick would be used on PC and PS4, possibly Switch too. Not looking for the most high end PCB, but don’t want something that is going to crap out after a few uses, or add an unreasonable amount of lag - Not having to solder would also be a HUGE bonus.

If anyone could point me in the direction of an Australian retailer who has pretty much all the parts I am after, that would be greatly appreciated.

As an after thought, is there a company in Australia that makes Fightstick cases? I am planning on making the Stick’s case out of mostly wood, with a perspex face, but if this goes well, I’d be looking to make another stick for the Girlfriend.

Thanks again guys,


Unfortunately there aren’t really any vendors for us here in the land of costly shipping.
None I’ve seen recently anyways.

If you’re not looking for top tier parts there are some chinese ebay sellers who do kits of 8x 30mm, 2x 24mm in different colour combo’s with cheapo ps3/pc boards (no soldering required, could work ps4 maybe with the legacy controller stuff they got under the hood).
The buttons aren’t gabage either, little firmer than a sanwa with a nice audible click (like blue switches if you have experience with a mechanical keyboard).
Includes the lever too, works well, sanwa knock off, not as snappy but still reasonable.
Shipping is free and usually about a week or just over.

If you do want better parts and that I’ve been going through focusattack.
They’ve got good service, prices aren’t too bad, full order (buttons,board,lever) shipping will set you back about $20, usually about 3 weeks shipping from the time of ordering.

Don’t think we have any builder either.
I’m honing my skills, but that’s as good as it gets.
Would recommend a men’s shed or makespace, they should have gear and people able to help whether you wanna do it by hand or by cad.
I can make usb feedthoughs though, so that’s not nothing hahaha

As for pcb your options are really buy a cheap controller (try a pawnbroker) and pad hack it (soldering required).
Buy a cheapo (results may vary).
Get a brookes (no soldering, little pricey, good value though)

Also, from experience check if your gf likes pad or stick better, you can diy a pad too using keyboard microswitches.
I will be building one to house a brookes ufb for my gf on valentines, if it’s of any interest to you hit me up after and I can give you the files/print you out a shell for it.

If you’re in Sydney hit me up whenever, I got tools, a 3D printer and some experience haha

Cheers @killkong1211 - You more or less confirmed what I suspected.

Thanks for all the advice man! Didn’t think about a men’s shed for gear - that’s a really good idea.

I might have to hit you up for the files haha. As for Sydney - I am actually in Newcastle haha, but thank you for the offer.


Not a problem man, if you wanna talk shop or have any questions feel free to hit me up whenever.

if your just after joystick and buttons, I think in2amusements.com.au stock the Sanwa jlf stick and Sanwa OBSF buttons… austinamusements.com.au also stock the Sanwa JLW and Zippies(Seimitsu LS-32 clones) along with Sanwa buttons. i think Ozstick.com also used to but not sure if they still do. As far as good PCB’s…your out of luck down here. You can find those cheap zero delay boards on Ebay which should be fine. Most ppl just order everything together from the states from either Focussattack or Paradise arcade. There’s also a lot more colour ways etc for parts and you can order a bunch of cheap custom actuators/gates/springs etc which ends up being worth the price of shipping.

Thanks @sunny84. Might have to look at FocusAttack and see what things will cost me.

Thanks for your help guys!