Where to buy Foldable Tabletop to put Arcade Stick on?

I’m looking for a black, silver, [or if it’s my last resort - white] folding table I can plant in my bedroom to rest the SFIV TE FS on. I need something I can easily fold for storage to save space. I’m in Canada. Anyone know where to pick something like this up? I’m currently browsing the Ikea website but that’s quite far from me. If anyone knows anywhere I can get such a thing, please let me know :wink:

Metal would be awesome, but wood, etc. are also fine.

folding = wobbly.

If needed I can sell my Rock Band to clear closet space so I can fit in there when I’m done with it…but I’d still prefer a foldable if possible.

This is nice…except for the unneeded flap (other half of the table) hanging over the side. Bit too pricey though - $90.

This also looks good but not sure if it will be sturdy enough…

Just google TV trays in canada.

No luck. Found one on Target US - but that doesn’t help.

Guess I’ll just have to keep a keen eye next time I reach the mall.

I’d try going to Linens N Things if there are any in your area. The tv trays seem to cost about $30-50 on Amazon.com, but I’m not sure how the international shipping and customs taxes, etc. will factor into the pricing, as well as them normally selling the trays in sets of 4-5. But since LNT is going out of business, you should be able to find a decent discount and possibly convince them to sell you just 1 tray if they have any left.

Didn’t linens and things go out of business like 6 months ago?

Whatever the JC Penney or Macy’s equivalent in Canada is should have them.

A bunch of them are still open with the “75% off everything” going out of business sale, and there’s no officially set final closing date as far as I know, so its pretty much a case by case basis at this point. It’s worth a shot if there’s one not too far out of the way. And then there’s always ebay.

Check out my table, i just got it done. Its ready for street fighter IV.


md: A little too big lol.

viper: I already browsed through all of eBay…nothing that looks sturdy (exception being a table that doesn’t ship to Canada).

When I get a chance I’ll go to Wal-Mart & Hope Depot and see if they got anything.

coffee table?

I guess this is your last option, but try canadiantire, i got one of these for use with my HRAP2, the height was perfect when combined with the stool from ikea. Also, get rubber feet for it to stop it from moving around.

i bought this at ikea, metal and foldable



That looks like it’ll wobble pretty bad in a heated battle.

Already have those at home (all scraped up, though). Ugly as hell. I want it to match my room :stuck_out_tongue: I saw the same table in black and that looked pretty good.

And that Ikea one is decent…Thanks for the heads up.

Rubber on the bottom eh? Nice tip - thanks :wink:

This is what I use. I got it at Wal-Mart but I don’t think they have those in Canada right? Probably for the best, but I’m sure you can find this at the closest alternative.

It was $20 and it was originally purchased for use with the 360 Racing wheel and it didn’t wobble with that or my stick. It’s made out of thick molded plastic and thick metal solid. And folds basically flat.

yeah i got the same one at ikea, it does alright on carpet. the black plastic tabletop has a tendency to move around a bit tho. alright if casual playing.


how bout just resting your stick on your lap

maybe something like this http://gifts.barnesandnoble.com/Home-gift/Black-Jumbo-Lapdesk-with-Clip/e/9780641767500/?itm=1

I got one of these, wobbly like hell :frowning:

I think mine is about to break or something

yor better off with the stick in your lap with one of these, it had a beenie filled back got wit my lapton not to good wit with a stick on top…my two cents